How hackers use sniffers to attack networks

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In this article we will discuss how sniffers allow hackers to strike at every system that sends traffic to the compromised host.

how hackers attack networks using sniffers

shared Ethernet is extremely vulnerable to sniffing , because all traffic is broadcast to any machine on local segment. Switched Ethernet places hosts in its own collision domain so only traffic destined to broadcast traffic reaches the NIC. That's why to protect your networks getting sniffed you should use switched Ethernet rather than shared Ethernet

Now lets see how you can detect sniffer:---
You can use two methods to detect sniffers
1. host based
2. network based

Host based method is used to determine whether the target system's network card is operating in promiscuous mode.
You can use- Check Promiscuous mode to check if system's network card is operating in promiscuous mode.
Sniffers are also visible in Process list and tend to create log files over time, So you can use some UNIX scripts like- ps, lsof and grep to detect suspicious activity in your system.

You can encryption method to protect your system from sniffing attacks.
SSH can be used to encrypt remote login in your network.
You can easily encrypt your network traffic using IP security protocol.

To make your network more secure you should use a secure firewall like IP - table in UNIX.



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