How much difference is there between cheap and expensive wines?

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So, how much difference is there really, how different is 100 year old wine from a few months old wine, how different are oak barrel wines, are woody tasting wines better? How different is $3 wine from $1000 wine? Is there a difference or is it just the cost which makes the difference?

Simple Study

He bought a wide variety of bottles, from a $5 Bordeaux to a $50 champagne.There were 600+ participants, neither the experimenter nor subject was aware of the actual price.5$ wine had the majority of votes 61%.
This news isn’t new: the lack of correlation between the price and perceived quality of a wine has been proven again and again. Wine critics might disagree, but at this point it’s a robust psychological fact.
Individuals unaware of the price do not enjoy more expensive wine. With more than 6,000 blind tastings, we find that the correlation between price and overall rating is small and negative, suggests that inexpensive wines are preferred by individuals.

Here is another study, 2001, by Frédéric Brochet

Brochet asked 57 wine ‘experts’ to taste two glasses of red wine.
What were the results?
“They were the same white wine, one had been tinted with red food coloring. Still every one of the experts believed it was red wine, they even described its qualities which are typical for red wine, praised its jamminess and its crushed red fruit, not one expert noticed it was not actually red wine.

The second test:
An average Bordeaux was poured in 2 bottles, both with different labels.After tasting both, the experts gave the bottles different ratings. The grand cru as: “agreeable, woody, complex, balanced and rounded,”. While the vin du table as: “weak, short, light, flat and faulty”. 40 experts said that only wine in the expensive bottle was worth drinking. WOW!
According to him: It is a well-known psychological phenomenon, you taste what you expect.

What about another study?

Well, you can find plenty of them, just surf the internet, you will find supporters of this idea and some who criticize these experiments. It will not convince you. What will?
Try out an experiment
1. Go to a grocery store buy the cheapest wine.
2. Buy a comparable tasting wine but the highest quality you can afford.
3. Invite a few friends for tasting them.
4. Just put both into the same kind of glass and serve them.
5. Ask your friends if there is a difference.
The second part
1. Switch the two bottles.
2. Tell people to taste both
3. Ask which one tastes better
The final Part
1. Tell someone to do the switching as he or she likes
2. Close your eyes and taste both of them for about three to four times for a few days, just see if you can tell the difference

What the study says?

The studies suggest, there is absolutely no difference, even if some most expensive ones are distinguishable from the cheap new ones due to old age and woody taste, there is no difference the people who do not know that which wine is actually more expensive, there is no way to be sure which will taste better to most people ,no expert can judge that, no one can tell.
A recent study found that there is a wide difference in prices of the same wine, from store to store and state to state.For an example a wine which was $690 in California was $2,000 in Illinois. The common people who are not experts have in fact shown opposite results, not just based on the study above but many other studies, maybe t is due to the fact they are newer, maybe experts are the only ones who like old flavor, no one can say that. It just is based on your taste when you don't know what you are having, when you do its your psychology saying: "Its expensive, it must taste better", or "look at the bottle, it must be better", but the most "Its a nice place, bring me the best one, they must have the best collection".

So does that matter?

It doesn't matter whether, it's the price, it's the venue, or it's the brand, if it satisfies you, go for it, sometimes, buying an expensive wine is for something else- A big party, special days, somewhere special, impress people, and many other factors may be considered when ordering wine.
For yourself, maybe now it would make some difference, which is unlikely as many people won't believe this and will just go on because "we expect things to be true if everyone else believes them around us." - when it comes to psychology this is one of the largest factors that shape our belief.


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