How to live long life

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how to live long life when there is junk food and more of bad things

How to live long life

How to live long life and live healthy

Live long life is not easy but not hard
You need to live according to your budget and you environment
Healthy living is not one factor
Many factor affect your body and mind
Pollution, its really affecting our health and we do not know, things like smoking, chemicals, factories, burning, bags made from plastics and lots more affect the environment in a bad way, go green is what you need, help the trees, so your environment is good.
Fast foods, they are so bad and you know only after years how bad these type of foods for your health, they have preservatives, chemicals, hormones and more things that you can not imagine, to give it the taste that attracts you and also preserve it. KFC or Macdonald or Kentucky are only few names of these restaurants that sells you poison, there are lots like pizza hut and other who says they have veg, in the pizza but its frozen veg. and frozen chicken which has chemicals to keep it for long, so no also to pizza hut and domenoz pizza and more restaurants that sells us junk food.
Makeup and skin care products are another factor, they have lots of harming ingredients, things that almost 100% chemicals, with the daily use these poisons go to your body and your liver will not keep the good work with time.
Hair products, shampoos, conditioner, keratin, hair straightener, mousse, and diy or hair coloring destroy your health, all go to your body through skin or breathing, so use these things if you have to twice a week. Not more. Internet or pc, or iPad, or smartphones all affect your health, they affect your health, eyes, back or what you eat, yea because when you set using the net you forget everything and you eat anything. Some people forget to eat even and just grab chips or chocolate and pepsi or so and spend the day with the pc while on Facebook and Twitter or writing sites to make money online
Medicine, is another thing, its full of chemicals its not natural and it kills the liver. Antibiotic or antibacterial are not healthy, you have to go for the alternatives, like using of the old medicine or herbal things. Even FDA found that the antibacterial products are not healthy as the companies claims to. So after all the years now they its not really healthy thing. Ok FDA thanks for the info. So to live long life we need to be careful from the all the things even if its approved by FDA
Frozen food is not healthy too, to freeze it they add lots of chemicals, for any worker man or woman they find it hard to live with out canned or frozen food, that is really hard for them but its harmful too.Do you think you can eat healthy, live healthy to have long life? Its not easy not to use the social like Facebook and Twitter, or eat only healthy food, or be green, or not to use makeup and hair products, these only few things that harm your life and stop your long life. If you want something you have to start living healthy


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