Hunting Dogs Equipment and Accessories: Modern GPS Pet Tracking Systems

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Hunting is a sport that excites many. It has some shortcomings though like the time your dog disappears and you spend time hunting the dog instead of the prey. Using GPS technology, pet tracking devices help the hunter keep the dog within seeing distance. Different breeds have different qualities. A hunter will choose the breed according to what he will foresee in the hunt. Technology has helped hunters enjoy their sport more.

Hunting with Dogs

Lovable sports like this there are few, for hunting knows no limits to fun and excitement one may have. GPS pet tracking is an innovation that saves hunter effort and time. Save that grave occasion when one pins one on his fellow hunter, deer and rabbits, ducks and wild geese make it to your dinner table courtesy of services of your hunting dog. In addition, to keep a watch on your dog, one uses GPS technology.

Lost in the woods, or has dog done missing? For all its passion, some select things can lead even most ardent hunter astray. Many have natural dogmanship, mostly because their dogs are willing to let their master take credit for the hunt. Yet foraging in woods can be tough without some hands-on tracking system.

More People are Using GPS Pet Tracking System

Obvious though unmentioned, the inherent advantages are waiting for you to discover them. Here are some ways you keep ahead in the hunt.
a) Use satellite tracker to monitor entire movements of your pet for past month Get an instant fix on its present activities
b) Lightweight
c) Water-resistant
d) Attaches to collar easily
Sometimes, dogs will disappear into some undergrowth and remain hidden from view. Effective wireless technology incorporating satellite communication helps determine position and movement of hunting animals and hence, the prey instantaneously. Apparatus is water-resistant, and so it will continue functioning, even after you expose it to water. They will not burden pets needlessly since they are very light. Mechanism of fixing it is also simple but effective.

Radio Fences Dog training collars Anti-bark-collars

In addition to regular trackers, one has remote control radio fences, dog training collars and anti-bark collars. One can use these in conjunction with GPS tracking system to enhance quality of hunt. If there are particular areas where you like to hunt, you can cordon off the danger areas. This will give additional safety to your hunting companions. Use of anti-bark collars finds use mostly for training new puppies but hunters use them sometimes when chasing those kind of prey that are easily frightened by noise.

Specialty of Various Breeds

In this world of hide and seek, possibly those swimmers with a gentle bite, Labrador Retrievers, family pets who are smart and easy to please, top the list of skilled hunting dogs. Their abilities make them ideal companions for duck hunting. Pointers outdo retrievers in stamina and they love to run and chase their prey for hours at an end. When they are not hunting, they one ought to exercise them, again for hours at an end.
These are adept at tracking and flushing out most elusive animals. In a hunting world, dogs abound, Atlas Terrier, Basset Hound, Curly Coated Retriever, English Pointer, Labrador retriever, Welsh corgi and Welsh terrier. One recognizes skills of these game dogs in tracking, for sight dogs, and for their ability to sniff out prey.
English Springer Spaniel known for the way they jump on prey and scare it out of hiding place. These also have a remarkably gentle grip; they retrieve your bird without harming them. Coonhound and Fox terrier bring up rear end of this selection. Coonhounds are persistent hunters who keep on trail and often their prey is the neighborhood cat that they tree. Fox terriers have small sizes and eager disposition to ferret out small animals out of their burrows. They also have remarkable eyesight.

Enhancing your Hunting Experience

Certain types of GPS pet Trackers have an LED beacon, which one can spot from a good distance. Depending on model chosen this range would be between 50-150 yards. One can switch them on and off using remote controls. This is a great help when visibility is low and darkness hampers all movement. Along with lamp, there is a rechargeable, removable long-life battery too in addition to other features like Rescue button and messaging features. Owner gets information of location of pet via texts or email. They are able to fix locations where pets are free from dangers.

Collars and their Necessities

Hunting dogs bark once they have located prey. This lets his or her owner know their exact location. Now this uncertainty vanishes since GPS will tell exactly where your pet is. Just as dogs use their senses to track down prey, hunters will depend on this sophisticated GPS tracker system to keep their eyes on their pet. When choosing your dog tracker, one uses standard specifications as one would normally use when choosing a collar. These include:
1) Minimum neck circumference
2) Maximum neck circumference
3) Pet Size
4) Range of equipment (5-7miles)
5) Low-power indication lamp
6) Length of collar
GPS devices and their Features
All components of these devices are waterproof and can withstand soaking and submersion up to 20-25 feet. This rugged device combines a VHF antenna together with a high–sensitivity GPS pet tracking receiver that helps keep your pet secure at all times. Straps are made of durable polyurethane or similar plastic material that bears up well to strain. Since device comes in combination with collar, one does not have to employ separate collars for dog and device.
Unique features found in device lend support to hunters who do not really like unnecessary details. In addition to battery indicator, one may set a position indicator beeper that sends signals to 5, 10 or 15 seconds apart. This helps avoid distracting prey and conserves battery.

Making the Decision Now

So, what is worth to you to know whether your dog is moving or sitting, moving or treeing? It may decide the outcome of the hunt and decide whether your table will be full or empty. This decision is yours to make, move with time and technology, and claim your prize without any delay.
Hunters like to wait; sometimes prey gets away. Though they regard it all as water under the bridge, one has to take action when you have some indication. The best indicators you will ever get are from these satellite trackers. Combining technology with sport is thrilling because it preserves all customary actions and tradition of the sport while enhancing the quality of hunt.

Get Your Equipment Today

Hunting is a rugged sport, filled with hours of trudging in undergrowth and watery wetlands. It is your day so go fill it. In addition to the loyal companion your hunting dog, a GPS pet tracking system lets one dwell on sport more and on arrangements less. These are available at Amazon stores in many brands and price ranges. Getting your plate filled and then dining well goes off smoothly when the hunt is a success. Ensure this with all right equipment, technology and links.


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