I Am Slave

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I Am Slave is a movie about modern day slavery, you can watch the movie on YouTube.

I Am Slave

I Am Slave is a movie about modern day slavery; I children are stolen from their tribe in Sudan, one of the children is Malia, a 12 year old girl. 

Milia is taken from her father during a Muharaleen raid in her tribe in the Nuba Mountains, from there she is sold into modern day slavery to a family in Sudan; she stayed with this family for six years. During her six year stay with the family in Sudan she was emotionally and physically abused. This is just the beginning for Malia, one day her master decides she can no longer deal with Malia and send the 18 to London where her cousin lives and work for her cousin's family. Once in London Malia is treated the same as she was in Sudan. Her new master often tells her that her husband will kill her family back in Sudan or her husband will beat her (her master is referring to herself) if she leaves. To make things worse Malia was not allowed to carry her own passport and was a source of manipulation for both of her master's. Her new master passes Malia off as a refugee and she says is helping the young woman by giving her a job as a housekeeper and nanny. In the end Malia eventually finds the courage to leave her captor. She puts her experience in a book, the book would inspire the movie.

My Opinion
The movie was a really good and interesting;
Wunmi Mosaku did a good job portraying Milia. While watching the movie one could see that Milia mentally weak and brainwash before she decided to ask a stranger on the street for help. The character playing her first master did a good job as well, I did not see another actress, I saw a slave owner, she used simple humiliation to scare Milia. The lady paying her second master, was a good actress also. In my opinion, the movie will have viewers feeling sorry for poor Milia, you will not regret watching this movie it will be time well spent.


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