I Have All These Application For My Droid, And It's A Wonderful Life

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Many kind of applications that is offered for Droid users are thousand. Confuse? cannot decide which one to pick, cause the apps is so interesting and there are thousand applications, and you think you want it all

Android Application

When we talk about Android then we just talk about the hottest OS for smart phone on the planet. But without any other application these Droid is nothing, is like a computer without internet, is like eat without drink. Your android phone become useless if you don't have application in it. It doesn't matter you bought the device from online store or retail store still you have to place application in it. Well, there some free apps and paying apps, but if it is not free and you have to pay for those apps, but they are worth it.

Many kind of applications that is offered for Droid users are thousand. Confuse? cannot decide which one to pick, cause the apps is so interesting and there are thousand applications, and you think you want it all. Yes, the next thing that happen to you is install useless application and somehow you end up in paying application. So, let me narrowed down to ten must have application for your droid, and it's free.

1. Facebook Apps, keep connected to your friend, so this is must have application, installing it for free.

2. Pandora Radio Apps, coloring your life with music, this app is internet radio application lets you choose and ply your favorite artists. All kind of music is available.

3. SportyPal, with this application your activities like sport, juggling, walking, running or cycling will recorded. This application keeps track of your speed, distance and how much calories you have burn today. Nice application for your Droid.

4. Google Goggles, this smart application will help you provide any information about image in whichever part of the world. Example, when you confuse about particular place, just take image of it and then Google Goggles will provide you all information regarding with the image. This is must have.

5. Document to GO, to manage and organize all your data, support almost all data format. This is most wanted application for Droid.

6. Nimbuzz, make chatting more easy.

7. Twidroid, Tweet anything you like.

8. Shazam, personalized music repository.

9. PhotoShop Mobile, make your pics more colorful and more real.

10. Google Voice, Talk is cheaper now.

OK Folks, above is the top ten of free must have application for Droid, below is the must have paid Droid apps.

1. Rhapsody, for $9.99 you will get a music extravaganza, streams down any music for you to enjoy the day.

2. SMS Commander, for $1.99 you will get this smart application, this application is very usable when you accidentally lost your phone, if you already installed this apps no matter you left the phone a single SMS will command your phone to do whatever you want it to do. Secure it,lock it, turn the ringer volume upside down, text automatically. This is must have application for everyone, sometime we forget a lot.

3. Easy Tether, for $9.95, with this apps you can freely connect your Android to your computer, this way you can share data packets and go surfing.

4. Locale, for $9.99 a GPS app it changes your phone's settings in accordance to the location you are in.

5. PicSay Pro, for $2.99 install it and you can manipulate your pics.

6. Documents To GO Premium, for $14.99 get the complete use for manage and store your official files.

7. Beautiful Widgets, for $1.39 you can customize your Droid screen.

8. 360 Live, for $1.99 get online in XBOX Live.

9. FIFA 10, for $4.99 you can play your favorite soccer game.

10. Camera Zoom FX, for $2.99 you can 'Click' anywhere, anytime.

Well, this is my version about the best Android application that you must have. I am sure this information is useful for you "Android Fans" or maybe you who just have bought a Droid yesterday. So, go get them, check them out and share your experience to everyone. And make sure you have a lot of fun with your Droid.

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