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I robot - a science fiction story which may happen in future. The story is well narrated and shows many fictitious facts which are feast for fiction story lovers.
This movie is released in the Year 2004 based on the short stories by Issac Asimov.

Story Snippet

The story happens to be in the future in the year 2035 where the robots are made as servants for the humans based on three laws. According to the laws they wont attack humans or endanger human race and helps to protect humans always.
Detective Spooner (Will Smith) who has been called to the USR company to investigate the death of Dr. Alfred Lanning who is the father of that modern robotics and to build the robots NS5 for serving humans. It is thought that Dr. Lanning had fallen and made suicide which Spooner suspects and smells something bad in his lab.
In the lab Spooner found a NS5 robot trying to escape without responding to the Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan ) who is Dr. Lanning's assistant. She got confused on seeing the robot not responding to her commands. Spooner suspect that the robot would be the reason for the death of Dr. Lanning. Dr. Lanning left a small recording without complete details and Spooner started to follow his message. The robot calls himself as "Sonny" which is not common in robots to name themselves.
Later when Spooner thought of viewing Dr. Lanning's room and the video, he started to suspect Lawrence Roberson who is the CEO of USR as he is the only person who can control the robots system in total from the uplink.

Story snippet

When they take Sonny for investigation, the police people find that the robot get emotion which is not present in NS5 models. Hence it is advised to destroy Sonny with nanites. While examining, Susan found that Sonny get another operating system and it is controlling Sonny not to respond to the human order or to follow the robotics law.

Spooner tries to contact Robertson to explain about the suspect he got and the videos related to Dr. Lanning's room. At that time Spooner has been tried to kill by NS5 robots. He suspects Robertson would be the reason behind it. Later they found that it is the uprising of NS5 robots against humans to make them slaves. It is under control of VIKI which is the brain for the robots.
Spooner and Susan enters the USR company to deactivate VIKI with the help of Sonny. When they tries to change VIKI it turns many robots towards them to kill them. But Sonny helps them a lot and injects the nanites into the VIKI and destroys it.

My views

This film is worth watching. Imaginations and the story is very good. The science fiction of the robots may happen in future by some means. I enjoyed the film. Watch the trailer of this movie
Enjoy it!


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author avatar Ptrikha
12th Mar 2013 (#)

Yes, the movie is worth watching. Nice review. Will Smith is a great choice for such movies.

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