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Comics can sometime be used to promote things or push product... So here's what may be the longest running free digital comic series whose one sole purpose is... to promote the military lifestyle and sell you on joining the US Military... yes... that's it... why.

That Comic Book Addict Presents America's Army

Well I think the intro said it all, what else is there to say. Apparently once people figured out SOCOM sold well and pushed up interest in the Navy SEALs apparently someone else wanted a bit of that action... and by someone else I mean the US Army because first a batch of free shareware America's Army shooter games, then America's Army the IDW comic series. Presently at 16 issues and ever going forward (once again feel free to skip Issue #0 it's worthless).

The whole premise of the title for the most part follows a army unit deployed in a make believe Eastern European country fighting an obvious dictator named Adzic and his obvious henchmen who are out to do bad things because their country's economy needs a boost and nothing recovers an economy quite like faceless genocide... or something. Of late the subplot is Adzic is putting together weapons of mass destruction to destroy his enemies, as well as at one point in the comic own a GI Joe Rise of Cobra underwater base that is destroyed exactly how it was destroyed in that GI Joe movie, but then that got put on hold so the comic could divert to a side story arc about the team leader(s) told entirely in flashback for no reason derailing the main story for awhile because.... something.

Overall America's Army is hit and miss. The main thrust of the story is to sell you on the idea of living the military lifestyle, so the comic conveys it to you unapologetically and with nothing left out. Portraying a pretty cut and dry real world view of military service. Yes, remembering that it's a comic it does bring the action but it also portrays the action in a real world sense, as opposed to GI Joe levels of run and gun action politics. That makes the title at times very dialogue heavy, especially for the many briefings and slice of life moments throughout the comic. It's all good for the most part, and it dies its job, just get ready to sit down and read alot as this is not something to casually flip through on a break.

I think the best argument for giving this comic a chance is the f t it's FREE! It's ALL FREE! You lose nothing reading this, it costs you nothing, and yes most likely reading this won't fill you with the urge to run out and join the military it won't hurt to try it. I think the titles main failing is its relentless focus on one conflict. I remember a military title from the Speculator Age, Semper Fi, which had a free open style of storytelling showing different stories set in the one overall narrative of celebrating the US Marine Corps. I think if they ran with that overall narrative for America's Army, a more open wider base to delve into the military lifestyle as a whole, that might improve the read. But given how long the comic has been running to date, the longest seemingly yet for a free promotional for the US Army, somebody must like it... a 4 out of 5. It won't make you want to run off and join the military, but it will at least give you something to chew on mentally if nothing else... but seriously though an entire comic series whose whole existence is to promote the military lifestyle. Why. Why dammit why... Sigh.

Next time... something random.... well I can't plan every day's content a full week in advance. See you next time.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
25th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. I love comic books. Archie was one of my favorite but I like anything with the super heroes now.

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