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It's our first Retro Weekend though this review only takes us back to 2013... reviews of the Twilight Sparkle Micro incoming!

A New Old Comic Book Addict My Little Pony Review

Well I settled on a schedule, and a regular day where everything has its place, but more on that as the new week rolls through. It's the weekend, our first weekend, so that means Retro Weekends!... even if this one is from 2013.

With the ongoing Friendship is Magic series selling well Hasbro quickly jumped on it by green lighting this, a set of Micros highlighting a member apiece of the Mane Six. If you look about IDW this is a bit of a fiddly fad with them, having a Micro Series for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for instance. However demand soon made IDW expand the run, adding four more issues before finally wrapping the series in December 2013 and replacing it with a new Ongoing called Friendships Forever, last simplified down to Friends Forever for the release.

So this is the start of the series, and over the next month we'll go over the Micro Series two issues every weekend starting with the premiere and Twilight Sparkle.

The Twilight Sparkle Micro, Issue #1, by Thomas Zahler. While the plot is right up Twilight' s alley, her assisting the Royal Librarian recover from an injury by helping maintain the library, it's too paint by numbers generic and way too predictable for my taste.

Before we continue we need to address the alicorn thing. Unlike Hasbro, probably since IDW learns from past mistakes quicker than Hasbro, they were not so quick to immediately turn Twilight Sparkle into an alicorn post the events of the Season 3 finale Magical Mystery Cure. From what Pony Editor Andrew Curnow said prior to Ongoing #13-#14 (first appearance of Princess Twilight) they had to go over Season 4 scripts before, once assured Twilight was not radically altered as an alicorn, they greenlit the upgrade (most likely they also had to do this after another Micro, the Rarity Micro, inadvertently ended up scripted too close to a Season 4 episode plot and had to be changed).

Mind you consistency isn't either Hasbro or IDW weakness as both frequently do lots of callbacks to stuff that happened in series past which is rewarding to the long term brony fan as well as being consistent... it's just that IDW sometimes does it better than Hasbro. For instance the only place to find Derpy in any official pony release outside of merchandising until Season 4' Rainbow Falls (as she was missing throughout Season 3 with only one appearance in Magical Mystery Cure) was the IDW comics... and even then we still need to sit down in the future and talk about her one day. Anyway Princess Twilight in the comics is only a recent thing (first appearance in Ongoing #13, November 2013).

While in Canterlot to undergo a standard test as Princess Celestia' prized pupil, Twilight is tricked into taking care of the Royal Librarian who messed up a hoof and us now recovering from her injury. The expected hijinxs occurs as they don't get along at first, but bond over a mutual love of book. Along the way they talk about favorite writers, and since this was written in late 2012 AK Yearling aka Daring Do hadn't been retconned yet, instead she notes a different author who, not spoiler, turns out to be the head librarian Twilight had been helping... as if you didn't figure it out already.

I like me Twilight Sparkle... duh... but this was just too formulatic for words. At least open the comic with a splash page of stuff introducing us to Twilight' s favorite authors before starting us off. That way we could collect the same clues Twilight did throughout the story, coming to the same conclusion through our own deduction as opposed to having the story tell us the obvious ending without any participation on our part. Still art is nice, written OK but not perfect, and I do like me some Twilight Sparkle so... a 3 out of 5.

There isn't many issues that fall short... this is one of the few. The next time we look at a failing comic in the Micro line it's Issue #4 and Fluttershy... stay tuned.

Your Turn! The Micro Series.

Ok so it's your turn. What did you think of the My Little Pony Micro Series. What was your favorite and least favorite issues of the Micro... and yes we will be adding My Little Pony Annual #1 (Equestria Girls) to this discussion so what do you think of that offshoot series and its upcoming sequel Rainbow Rocks!

Comment below, no flaming, and thank you.

Sunday - Let's get this over with... the Fluttershy Micro! (Issue #4)


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2nd Mar 2014 (#)

My sister in law's oldest daughter loves My Little Pony.

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4th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice read! You must be a bronie?

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7th Mar 2014 (#)

I am. I am a Brony.

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