IDW My Little Pony Tales (aka the 2013 Micro Series) Volume 1 to 2

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What originally started out as a brief batch of comics for the Mane 6 has grown to now presently include the villains (the 2015 Fiendship Micro)... So with that said here is the 2013 Micro series aka My Little Pony Tales... congratulations, you already used that title for the title of your second Pony TV Series from 1989 or so Hasbro. Very inventive.

That Comic Book Addict Presents MLP

With the 4th Generation Ongoing Pony title just starting Hasbro and IDW launched what they thought would be a short second title to add content, a set of Micro s each focuses on one of the Mane Six... except demand was so high they added a second volume of four issues covering beloved secondary characters... then Friends Forever in 2014... Fiendship is Magic the Villain Micro s... but more on that when we do the actual review.

My Little Pony Tales Volume 1
NOTE : Originally when this was only a six issue mini it was originally collected into two volumes of 3 issues a piece, later bundled into a single trade when it was increased to 10 issues total. Some of the earliest collectors might still have the original 3 issue volumes of this set... I only just bought all my Pony stuff to review a few months ago so I have the larger reprint version of the trade.

Volume 1, covering the Mane Six, involves the following.
Twilight Sparkle - Twilight must care for the Royal Canterlot Librarian who, no surprise, turns out to be a very important pony in Twilight' s reading life. Also Twilight doesn't become an Alicorn until Ongoing #13 (November 2013) so as of this Micro (February 2013) she's still a unicorn.

Rainbow Dash - Sky Gremlins, who draw strength from negative emotions, and look like they're cosplaying as characters from Final Fantasy, have come to menace Ponyville. Only Rainbow Dash can stop them. Featuring Tank (Rainbow' s pet tortoise) and Applejack.

Rarity - Suffering from burn out while working on her entry for Fashion Week in Canterlot, Rarity is sent to a highly suspicious health spa, only to end up enlisted in saving it from being sold right out from under its owners.First appearance of Flax and Wheat Seed.

Note - Originally the Micro more closely resembled Season 4 Rarity Takes Manehatten in terms of story and had to be changed due to content, thus leading to the story as it is now, and no doubt the creation of Flax and Wheat Seed.

Fluttershy - For some reason Fluttershy has a secret hobby we never hear about again, nd enters a contest that goes nowhere and signifies nothing. Featuring Rarity, Fncy Pants and Princess Celestia.

Pinkie Pie - Featuring Twilight Sparkle. Dealing with, strangely enough, how fandom deals with change Pinkie is troubled when her idol (the great clown Pnyacci) is planning to retire. Ultimately she comes to the right solution and overall one of the best stories of the Micro (along with the Rarity Micro).

Applejack - Hearts Warming Eve (Christmas) at home with the family. Featuring the Sass Squash.

My Little Pony Tales Volume 2
Cutie Mark Crusaders - They discover a new shapeshifting entity called a Mimicker, and adopt it as a new Crusader... only to end up learning a valuable lesson from it.

Note - No. Babs Seed, Apple Bloom' s cousin from Manehatten (Season 3 One Bad Seed) isn't in either of these issues. She was apparently put on the Black List of characters IDW couldn't use until Summer 2014 (Ongoing #21-#22, and Friends Forever #13). IDW still managed to sneak Babs onto one of the covers of the Applejack Micro despite the Black List ban.

Princess Celestia - Written by Georgia Ball. Celestia must find a way to help one of her oldest friends whose threatened with losing her job as one of the teachers at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

Spike - Featuring Agnes Garbowska. Spike gets a hold of sea monkey like creatures, and through the magic of plot convenience creates a new race of life on Equestria. They subsequently go the way of the Poochie for their education needs them... or something. Featuring Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy.

Princess Luna - Written by Pony Editor Bobby Curnow. Luna gets in over her mane when she decides she can rule the day as well, if not better than Celestia. Hilarity ensues.

Note - The topic of Luna' s relationship with Celestia comes up from time to time in the comics. Of note is Friends Forever #7 & Ongoing #17-#20 (Reflections).

And that's it. While they are not all perfect as a whole both books are good and well worth adding to your Pony collection. Or to put it anther way... you Take the good, you take the bad, put it all together and you have... a 5 out of 5 each. Enjoy.

Next Week - Year Two begins (I'll bring up Ongoing Annual 2013 when I review Equestria Girls Holiday Special 2014) so next time Friends Forever Volume 1. Next week.

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