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Well a few years after Star Trek 2009 a full fledged Star Trek ongoing comic, that is still going to today, launched... spoiler only fans of the reboot era movies need to apply concerning this series. Even later when they cross over with Deep Space Nine, Next Generation, Voyager and whatever... oh next year is the 50th Anniversary but this year is the milestone 50th issue... because 50th.

That Comic Book Addict Presents Star Trek (2011 IDW)

With the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek being upon us I thought this would review Star Trek... though given that this is the summer I thought I would take it slow. I do have a GoFundMe going Now as I write this to make money for reviewing this year... which I can't post in my review but I can speak of at the post review ending for some reason... anyway all this info is at the end so please support if you wish... let's just take it slowly all the same. Trust me, there is no rush I assure you. We have presently 9 volumes and Countdown to Darkness precluding the movie to go over. Lots to cover.

Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Stephen Molnar and Joe Phillips, the first four issues are basically rethreads of classic Star Trek episodes from 1966 to 2968, in this case Where No Man Has Gone Before (Issue #1 - #2) and The Galileo Seven. Pretty much straight up rethreads... except... (download my Podcast Trek to the Future Episode 3 & 4 found at as I go into more details the classic episodes in question here and how the comics differ.)

Where No Man Has Gone Before
- Notice someone is missing? The lady from the Episode who argues that Gary Mitchell is not dangerous, ends up being turned into a God being by Gary, before dying while helping to stop Gary from killing Kirk and doing... things? That lady? Yeah... she was turned into Carol Marcus in the movie Into Darkness so that's shy she isn't here.

- For some reason Kirk, soon to be dead Gary Mitchell and soon to be dead Kelso are good friends... in the original I don't remember Kirk & Kelso being friends.

- In one moment Gary invades Kirk' s mind and shows him their past. Pretty sure that's a lift from the first Star Trek X-Men crossover of the 90's, in which the villain was, yes, partially Gary Mitchell.

- In order to defeat Mitchell without the God lady stopping him it requires... Spock sneaking up behind him and using the Vulcan neck pinch to turn off his powers long enough for Kirk to shoot him in the head. Really. That's it. The comic ends with Mitchell and Kelso shoved into photon torpedo casings and their bodies left to drift in space... because.

The Galileo Seven
- For entirely nitpicky reasons I am sure when compared back to back lots can be found wrong with this. But for my review I will just note that you get a good look at the creatures menacing the Glileo Seven and... they're intelligent apes. Ironic since we just had a crossover with Planet of the Apes this year. Also DC Comics Series 1 Issue #29. I will review that one of these days. Also Spock brings up the events of this story next Volume in the rethread of Operation : Annihilate. Which starts the white washing of Trek past.

So that's Volume 1, a rather rocky start to the Five Year Mission retooling two classic episodes. Not the best start of a Star Trek series by far, but also not the worst... Also the Five Year Mission thing is quickly rebooted after Into Darkness nd starts all over again in Volume 7... seriously, throw this all out the Five Year Mission is Starting all over gain in Volume 7. Stay tuned.

All in all its ok. The artwork is good and solid, but the writing comes off rather weak... and once again a shame about Editorial mandate rewriting everything and restarting the Five Year Mission so late in the Ongoing but... what can you do. A 3 out of 5.

Well when we return to the topic of Star Trek we continue no consequences Trek with Volume 2, rethreading Operation : Annihilate and the first original story that I'd the gift that keeps on giving... sadly. Vulcan' s Vengeance. Next time.

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