IPL,Indian Premier League A Boon or Curse for Cricket

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IPL,Indian Premier League A Boon or Curse for Cricket
Its a matter of cricket future.

IPL,Indian Premier League A Boon or Curse for Cricket

IPL, the Indian Premier League is the finest cricket league, which is full of joy, fun, entertainment and money. It is one of the famous leagues in the cricket world. There were 8 teams at the first league of IPL and Rajasthan Royal was the winner. In this league the team owners bid for international and national players to form their team. Players are very keen to join this league to earn huge money. Besides this IPL has its own pros and cons, they are now getting visible in places.

If we talk about the advantages from IPL then there are many. IPL, the Indian Premier League has really done a good job in the field of cricket. IPL has discovered very fine players for India and they have also been paid a lot according to their skills, which were earlier underpaid. There are number of players also there which have come into limelight from IPL. Cris Gayle from west indies is also an example of this. He is one of the hardest batsmen in T20 cricket format.

But there are too many disadvantages are also come out from the IPL. There has become a trend now to play in IPL and not for international teams as they are not paying as players are being paid in IPL. In some cases , players, performing very well in IPL , are not able to perform up to the standard in international matches. Even the god of cricket, Sachin Tendular is also blamed that he plays for IPL and not for T20 international format. This has also decrease the credibility of the Premier Leauge. Now in some cases due to IPL some international cricket events are also rescheduled due to IPL, which is definitely not a good sign for the future of cricket.

In short IPL can play a vital role in the development of cricket, if this remains the league of cricket only and not money.

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