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Eat more frequent, such as every 2 hours on a regular basis every day, but in small portions with a healthy menu is better than eat 3 times a day in a big portion or eat 3 times a day and reduce food portions while holding a hunger feeling to get an ideal body shape.

Ideal Diet

The culture having big meal 3 times a day was not a necessity or a standard benchmark for humans, but it is just a hereditary tradition which originally vary in each region. As time goes by, this culture became something most commonly known which raise the terms like breakfast for eating earlier in the day, lunch for eating at the mid day (noon), and dinner for eating at the end of the day.
In fact, our ancestors did not eat three times a day as we did this time, but as some wild animals (not our pets, because they eat depends on their master who feeds so as to follow their master's diet), they eat every few hours and they do not worry ulcer disease or other digestive disorders that are often blame not following the general pattern of eating three times a day as the cause.
Also, according to medical experts, the indigestion is not because of the eating three meals a day that are not adhered to, but because of the food needs that are not met at the time needed by the body. That is, some of us often withstand hunger with a variety of reasons, including reasons it is not yet time to eat, whereas your body gives a signal that we need food intake at that time (such as dizziness, sometimes there is sound coming out of the stomach, or even the extreme pain in abdomen as if the intestines or gastric are being squeezed).
So, how do ideally? According to health experts' advice, healthy eating is not have to be 3 times a day. Instead, each person has different needs depending on their body condition at that time. How do we know? Actually, the body already has its own alarm when we should eat. And it would be much better if we eat more frequent, such as every 2 hours on a regular basis every day, but in small portions with a healthy menu of course, instead of we keep eating 3 meals a day, but in large portions at once by the reason of hunger or to anticipate the hungry feeling before the next meal time. This will only aggravate the body's digestive system. Proverbial machines, their work would be more severe if it is forced to process large amounts of food at once than to process smaller amounts but more often.
We often see people who are undergoing a diet program in order to address obesity, eating in a very small portions and follow the diet of three times a day, but in the time before the next meal they force the body to withstand hunger. Consequently, for those who are disciplined with their diet will experience indigestion, while those who cannot stand with this feeling would undermine its own diet program and take revenge by eating greedily after achieve the ideal body shape that they want to. They get caught up in the so-called yo-yo dieting. A diet where the ideal body shape only last briefly, then became fat again even fatter than before.
According to some experts, even those who are in the fight obesity program are advised to eat more frequent small meals at regular hours than reduced food intake in the extreme quantity in the traditional 3 times a day diet.
They do not have to be afraid that eating more frequently will cause obesity, because studies have shown eating more frequent in small portions regularly will train your metabolism to work faster to absorb nutrients and burn calories more efficiently. So that, you will feel healthier and have more energy for the body's metabolism.


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