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Discusses Clive Cussler's writing style and who suggests other writers write in a similar style.

Clive Cussler's writing

Cussler is the typical Adventure writer; his books express the firmness of a hero on a mission; collecting the unit, conquering, and in the end saving the day, with the fate of all humanity at stake. To this central frame Cussler puts in a trace of the incredible.

Though he now writes more than one series and co-authors with a few authors, as well as his son Dirk Cussler, the novel blueprint continues identically. His books open with a historical introduction, in which he creates a mystery; what happened to Atlantis, could wooly mammoths survive in distant caves and could they be cloned, and more. He links this historical inquisitiveness to the novel and solves the query he asks by the end of the book.

Character Dirk Pitt is a chief feature in Cussler's fame. Pitt is the ideal Adventure hero. One who always has the talents essential to save the day. He is genial, has a vigorous sense of humor, and is too humble to take credit for his daring act. Readers recognize Pitt and his squad as the good guys who can do no wrong. The bad guys, are exaggerations of rogues who have no sense of fair play or honesty. There are no questions in Cussler's novels about whether one is a good guy or bad. Cussler places his novels in dangerous locations around the world, the focus is always on a body of water. Fans like the hero's adventures, the assignment forces the action in the novels.

The novels
are typically free of sexual implications and overt circumstances make them good reading recommendations for young adults. There is violence, but it is more cartoon than genuine. These books are unadulterated escapism.

Readers new to Cussler can begin with any of the novels. Of the elder novels which feature Pitt at his prime, Atlantis Found, Berkley, 2001, is a good example, with its heart-stopping conflict, the recovery of Atlantis, a Nazi submarine still on patrol, and more.

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming's James Bond most likely is the closest to Cussler's Dirk Pitt. Bond is a similar series character, ingenious and private. Exotic locales, scientific minutiae of armaments (often unusual) and fast pacing characterize both series. Although the character has been used by contemporary authors, Fleming still writes the quintessential Bond. Try From Russia With Love, Penguin, 2002, or any of his timeless books.

Jack B. Du Brul

'Jack B. Du Bruls method narrowly approximates Cussler's fast-paced, Adventure novels. His series features geologist and ex-CIA commando Philip Mercer, who, like Pitt, faces overpowering odds and villains as he battles to save the world. Start reading his books with Vulcan's Forge, Onyx, 2005, the first entry in the series. Readers should be aware that these books also contain more sex and violence than Cussler's.

Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child

,Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child writing together and independently also create novels that have many of the fundamentals Cussler's readers love. Like Cussler they favor unusual locations, tales that involve money or furtive and high-tech accessories. In Riptide, Grand Central Publishing, 1999, for example, there is treasure hidden off the coast of Maine. The ocean setting, the impediment to obtaining the treasure (revealed in the introduction is that the area is booby-trapped to defend it), the high-tech gear to search and uncover the treasure all sound familiar to Cussler readers.

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