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Discusses Karon Robards writing style and suggests other authors who write in a similar style.

Karen Robards

Karen Robards writes spine-tingling tales that are fast-paced page-turners. She is skilled at putting the reader right the action. Her novels create sense of urgency and danger. The pace in Robards's books is rapid, and never allows the reader to feel the protagonist is really safe.

Ms. Robards is an author that knows how to create a suspenseful, scary mood. One of Robards's most terrifying moments is in the opening scene of Walking after Midnight as the heroine, cleaning an empty funeral home, is suddenly grabbed by what appears to be a naked male corpse. Ms. Robards uses unusual settings to establish the mood — an outhouse in To Love a Man; a mini-mart in Guilty and Vanished. Ms. Robards has the ability to lighten the mood with her own brand of humor. Superstition, for instance, has a medium with "psychic's block."

Characterization is another one of Ms. Robards's strengths. Besides being strong-willed, her heroines are smart, resourceful, and clever. Robards's heroes, meanwhile, are brave and strong-willed, and the sexual tension between the heroes and the heroines is intense and undeniable. Robards creates these effects in a style that is not necessarily explicit, but always sensual, descriptive, and dramatic.

One of the recurrent character types in Robards's books is the serial killer. Although each of these murderers is different, he or she has killed multiple times. One Summer offers an unusual twist on character development: the reader is privy to the murderer's thoughts, but has no idea whose thoughts they are.

With a modern take on the classic Gothic, the theme of a woman in danger shows up in many of Robards's works. Her women characters are not all the same, though. In her Contemporary novels, unlike the virginal Gothic heroines, Robards's women might very well be divorced, and are certainly experienced.

For Historical Romance readers new to Robards, an excellent starting place would be Loving Julia, a Pygmalion tale reminiscent of an edgy version of My Fair Lady. In this book, Sebastian Peyton, Earl of Mooreland, changes Jewel Combs, a Cockney street waif, into "Julia Stratham," a polished British lady. However, unlike Henry Higgins, Sebastian is no self-centered, albeit harmless, professor, and his reasons for transforming Jewel are far from altruistic.

Those who prefer contemporary Romantic Suspense might begin their introduction to Robards with Heartbreaker. To rebuild her relationship with her fourteen-year-old son, Rory, TV anchorwoman Lynn Nelson chaperones his wilderness camping trip in Utah. When they find themselves trapped on a ledge, Jess Feldman, an ATF agent, rescues them. As they leave the canyon, they accidentally run into a sinister cult that is performing a ritual mass murder. Robards pulls out all the stops as Lynn, Jess and Rory literally run for their lives. The menace in this book, as in most of Robards's works, is palpable.

Iris Johansen

Those who like edge-of-the-seat Romantic Suspense, such as that in Robards's Walking after Midnight, may also enjoy books by Iris Johansen, also an expert at creating and sustaining a suspenseful mood in her stories. Johansen's spine-tinglers, including The Killing Game, The Search, and Final Target, and may satisfy Robards fans, too.

Linda Howard

Linda Howard's books are fast-paced, tightly plotted, and brimming with suspense. In Up Close and Dangerous, for example, Bailey Wingate's adult stepchildren literally take up arms when their father's will leaves control of their fortune to Bailey. A year later, the small airplane in which Bailey is flying crashes — and the mechanical failure isn't accidental

Liz Carlyle

Fans of Robards's Historical Romances will find Liz Carlyle also sets fascinating stories of Romance and Suspense against the background of Regency England.

Suzanne Enoch

Another author who writes Historical Regency Romances in the same spirited manner as Robards is Suzanne Enoch. In Enoch's Before the Scandal, a letter from his sister brings Lieutenant Colonel Phineas Bromley home for the first time in ten years. His family is close to losing their home, so to get some much-needed money Phineas becomes a highwayman. Robards's readers will enjoy Enoch's other Historicals, too, including Sin and Sensibility, An Invitation to Sin, Something Sinful and Sins of a Duke.

Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter writes novels set in both contemporary and historical periods. The thrills and chills of Coulter's Contemporary FBI series begin with The Cove. Sally Brainerd is hiding in a picturesque little town from the people who killed her arms-dealer father, and FBI agent James Quinlan thinks she's the key to a murder case he's trying to solve. Many of Coulter's Historicals are also filled with mystery and intrigue. In The Nightingale Legacy, for example, Caroline Derwent-Jones, now nineteen years old, escapes her dreadful guardian, only to find herself in the company of the enigmatic Frederic North Nightingale, Lord Chilton. Like Robards, Coulter crafts tales that generate a growing sense of urgency and danger, where the reader can't be sure the hero or heroine is really safe until the very end of the book.


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