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PostLoop is a paid to post website. It is very easy to earn up to $5 a day on this website.

Inside PostLoop

Today I'd like to take you inside of a website called PostLoop. PostLoop is an exceptional way to supplement your monthly and your weekly income.You can easily earn an extra $150-$300 a month without having to try very hard. The best part is: It is a website that writers can really sink their teeth into. But, what is PostLoop and how does it work?

PostLoop is a website that is geared towards helping forum and blog owners increase their traffic and activity on their forums and blogs. Forum and blog owners sign up for an account and purchase points with PostLoop. Then, they can set rules, requirements and daily post limits for their forums/blogs. They can also require PostLoop to limit members to a certain user rating to being able to post on their sites. PostLoop can be a very cheap and easy way for you to increase the traffic and activity on your own blog or website!

Interested in making money on PostLoop? That is easy enough to do as well! You can apply to be a poster with PostLoop. You will have to register and subscribe to PostLoop's forum and post at least TEN trial messages. It is suggested that you try to post five replies and post five new threads. You want to do a balance of both to show that you are capable of posting and creating threads. You are free to post on the forum as much as you want until you are hired, but make sure your posts are all high quality. It normally takes PostLoop less than twenty-four hours to either hire or deny you as a poster. Once you have been hired, you will be free to join and post on any forum or blog you choose.

Awesome referral program. PostLoop has an AMAZING referral program, that makes it easy for you to earn money every day without even doing much of anything. You earn 20% of what your referrals earn. This means that if you have five referrals earning $5 a day, you will also earn $5 a day. I suggest trying to find TEN semi-active referrals. If you have ten referrals who are all semi-active on the website, your chances of making at least $150 a month off of your referrals is pretty good.


Register/Subscribe to AS MANY forums and blogs as you can. Even if all you do is register to the forum and make a post on the introduction thread. Why miss out on some easy money? Almost every forum has an introduction thread/board.

Set yourself a daily goal to earn $5 a day. It really is not hard at all to earn $5 a day on PostLoop. It is especially easy if you have a lot of forums and blogs you are subscribed to. This doesn't mean you have to go on the site EVERY SINGLE DAY. But, when you do decide to hop on the site, try to set yourself a goal to earn $5. You will get more out of the website that way.

Get a friend to sign up for PostLoop and subscribe to the same forums/blogs and carry a conversation back and forth. This is a method I have done loads of times. You and your friend can easily carry a conversation back and forth until you both max out on the daily limit for that forum/blog and then move on to another one. This can be an easy and quick way to earn yourself a lot of money on PostLoop. (I am more than willing to do this method with anyone who is interested, feel free to send me a message and we can work something out.)

Dont discuss PostLoop on any of the forums or blogs you join. The owners really do not like that. If there is somewhere for you to say how you found out about the forum/blog - make something up.

Try to make sure your posts are at least 3-5 sentences long. Forum and Blog owners prefer messages to have a little length and depth to them. You will also get a lot of low user ratings (which will effect you pay) if you post short and choppy posts all the time.

Do not check your point totals constantly. You will become obsessed with how many points you have and spend more time checking your dashboard than posting. Just open a bunch of forums/blogs and post, post, post. There is no reason for you to constantly refresh your dashboard. You will earn your money faster if you forget about it for a while.

Remember to have fun. You are going to burn yourself out and get bored with the website pretty quickly if you make it all about earning money and don't have any fun with it. Try to enjoy some of the forums and blogs you are posting on. If you find one you really like, you can post more than your limit. Enjoy yourself.

Things to Know:

- PostLoop has a $5 minimum cash out.
- PostLoop cashes out to Paypal ONLY.
- PostLoop does not like low quality posts.


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Do PostLoop pay out? Have you been paid by them?

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