Insects on the silver screen.

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Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.


Next time you see any insect like a spider, a bat and even a lowly ant it'd be prudent to treat it with care and deference. This is especially true for all wrongdoers, and most of us do some wrong or other in our life. This warning is being given since these insects, for all we know, maybe superheroes with extraordinary powers and can send us to meet our maker instantaneously.


We heard and seen people like Batman, Spiderman and now we have an Ant-Man. The Iron Man has a suit specially designed to provide several functions and enormous power to fight the evil in this world. The Spiderman has the web around him that gives him the powers to fight the evil. Now the Ant-Man with his suit has the capacity to shrink himself to pass through a keyhole of a locked door or grow to his normal size, carry a weight fifty times his bodyweight and fight the forces of evil.

The story

The scientist that created the suit for Ant-Man, Dr. Hank fearing the danger that his technology may cause when in wrong hands resigns from the company he founded and takes his secret technique with him. His protégé Darren Cross equally brilliant has different ideas and no such qualms. He develops the Yellowjacket and sells it to someone for an enormous profit. The real scientist Dr. Hank feels compelled to stop the evil Darren and destroy the complex that builds the new jacket for sales.
The Ant-Man suit gives the wearer strength to carry weights fifty time his body weight, rare agility and super strength to fight his adversaries. Dr. Hank the inventor of the suit on the look out for a suitable person to wear the suit and help him in his mission to destroy Darren Cross finds a criminal on the mend but without a job and sets up a heist. The criminal just out of the jail and fired from his job because of his prison records and walks into the setup.
His induction as the ant-man and his training is fast and he is programmed to fight the evil forces. After the usual computer designed fights, one including the Falcon, and finally with the yellow jacket, good triumphs over the evil.

My review

The above is in brief a review of the movie Ant-Man from the Marvel stable. Michael Douglass as Dr. Hank plays his role with great panache exuding knowledge, dignity, and righteousness. Paul Rudd as the criminal who fills the role of Ant-Man has done exceedingly well and cemented his place in the Marvel Movie series which are bound to follow. The last scenes of the film give an indication of the meeting of the Avengers with the Ant-Man.
Ant suit is a new concept. Although it looks similar to the suit of Ironman, it is bound to gain popularity thanks to this movie. The picture boasts of real 3D. I do not know how it differs from the 3D we are used to.

The usual sentiments are played in the customary way with Scot's adorable daughter and Dr. Hank's wife who loses her life after defusing a Russian ICBM fired at the USA. The doctor keeps it a secret and buys antagonism from his daughter in the bargain.
The computer plays its role in designing the fights and animation of the ants. Humor in patches that were few and far between produced a few chuckles from the audience.
Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank the scientist who discovers the subatomic Pinn, designs the ant suit and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands is the perfect fit for the role. He carries most of the film on his shoulder with an astounding performance. Paul Rudd as the criminal just out of the jail and later as the Antman fits the role to a T. Although not an actor in the big league, he will now join the top echelons of Hollywood.

I went to see the film with my children and grandchildren. The enjoyment varied inversely proportional to the age. My grandson went gaga with the movie, but I am prepared to give it three out of the possible five stars.

A new superhero is added to the existing pantheon of extraordinary heroes.


The review is mine and the pics are from public domain: Google images.
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9th Aug 2015 (#)

Great article, I have never ever heard of the the movie. It sounds like something my son would enjoy.

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9th Aug 2015 (#)

My dear brendamarie,
Thanks for your comment.

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