Interesting possibility of alien existence

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Article deals about the possibility of existence of aliens on earth.

Aliens exsists in real???

Aliens exist or not is a matter of debate among scientists for decades. Events of seeing an UFO firms our belief in existence of aliens.

The Possibility

Have you all ever imagine that there is a possibility that we are sharing our earth with aliens.
Let me explain.
we the human beings are 3 dimensional objects. We live in 3 D, walk, interact, we do everything in 3 dimensions.
but what if the aliens are the 2 dimensional creatures. The are also living on earth but they cannot interact with us. This is the remote possibility of existence of aliens. We can imagine aliens as a monoatomic layer creatures which has certain length but no thickness.
I would love to have a debate on this topic, you can comment also if you have any different thoughts on the topic.


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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
5th Feb 2013 (#)

ankii sharma, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Uthrrania Seila and we have been placing upon this site the answers to your very curious questions.

If you go into my profile page at:

and scroll to the bottom until you see the first article: "What is the hullabuloo about UFO's", we believe you will find some of your answers there.

I will post for yourself and others "Aliens, who really are they?" a little later in my day.

The first step to wisdom is to present your thoughts and ideas and then to ask questions. This is something we all do in order that we may all grow.

Hope you will visit my page, dear one.

- Uthrania Seila

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author avatar ankii sharma
6th Feb 2013 (#)

thanks for the comment, i will surely visit your page

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Feb 2013 (#)

We have to keep our eyes and ears open all the time - we are yet to learn a lot about life. I will not be surprised at a life altering change happening anytime - siva

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