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Internet - The most astounding invention of mankind!
Its a blessing or a curse or both? I think........
Do let me know what you think about it!

Beginning of the 21st Century

The beginning of the 21st century and the advancement in technology has engraved milestones in the fields of science! Be it physics, chemistry, biology or any other more diversified fields of sciences.

In the same way such upgraded technology has also changed the entire communication system and its modes, from telephones to cell phones, telegram to smss', and letter to emails!

Internet has been in the same way one of the best and astonishing mode of communication and source of information that the present century has come up with, undoubtedly.

Internet - A Blessing!

Undisputedly internet is not less than a blessing.
Via internet everything in the world is literally just a click away. You just name it and you have it just in front of you on your screen within a split second, whether you want to keep a check on the daily headlines, you want to keep an eye on the exchange rates, you want to check whether your favorite team qualified for finals along with the venues of the latest matches, or whether you want to review the political and current affairs of the countries!

Internet provides you ready access to all such information! Checking out what’s going on in NASA or what national geographic provides you in its new upcoming documentary to the latest species discovered of animals and plants.
You want to know who the most influential personalities are and who got the personality of the year award, times magazine (pc edition) allows you to peek inside the most wanted info.
A blessing Indeed!

Facing Criticisms and Creating Ease

Internet has been criticized as well for devastating the divine concept of libraries which although is true in the sense, that now because you have internet you obviously don’t bother to go all the way down your street to just spend hours finding the information you require when through internet it’s just a few seconds away!
So in order to satisfy the critics’ you can now also find libraries with full fledged material you require for your report or any project, it’s just that, either you have to sign up and use it for free or subscribe! You can even have an access to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS as well! What else do you need!

Moreover internet has changed the meanings and modes of communication from extended hours even days of waiting to instant communication. You can chat online with your loved ones or email them and get an instant reply from them even if they are sitting abroad as well. Video online calls is another blessing of internet which has made it possible for you to meet your siblings and friends and family at anytime of the year FREE OF COST!

Isn't it fascinating?

Damage by Internet

But where internet has proved to be a miraculous invention made in the ever known history of mankind and has thus proved to be an amazing global system providing all what you want within a CliCk.
On the other hand it has also promoted and created devastating elements and disaster as well, respectively.

The disadvantages cum disasters (I deem them a disaster) of the very astounding invention of mankind has astonishingly cast very devastating and disturbing effects on us and our kids as well!

The biggest of them being PORNOGRAPHIC websites that have cast hazardous effects on teenagers, exposing them to such explicit and disturbing images, videos and stuff, which has surely affected the teens in a lot of ways especially influencing and harnessing their minds toward a very horrendous path and destination putting a halt to the peace of a happy life without any signs of such garbage.

Moreover online chatting and social networking sites have also made individuals waste a lot of time in such useless activities and a great majority can now be found whole day long in front of their computer screens either chatting and making relations with unknown people which usually end up in a big mess revealing that it was all fake and fraud and the time spent playing games and socializing with people via social networks is also a waste and has also been the reason of a lot of divorces in USA specifically (face book). Moreover researches have proved that computer generates some harmful rays which are seriously injurious to health and especially eyesight, therefore prolonged hours surfing on internet can be really unhealthy for you.

Though all these damages don't seem material and important but the effect they cast on our lives mentally , emotionally and physically(health) is really astonishing, its just that you really need to give a serious ear to what am saying (No offences) and an eye to observe that how much does it actually apply in your and your closed ones' lives as far as its effects are concerned!

Curbing our Creativity

Moreover internet information is just equivalent to spoon feeding which is not at all beneficial, because libraries provide you books, going through which you have to make out your desired project or assignment that enhances your mental capability and increases your span of information and cognition (thinking).
Whereas on internet you just have to order and your meal will be at your service that is you can search out redimate (check the spellings) projects and assignments which are of no benefit to you!
In addition to it, the authenticity of information in the books cannot be doubted whereas that in case of internet and on various websites of internet, there is no reliable source.
The concept of outsourcing through freelancing, that is writing online for money is also promoting the outsourcing of projects done by high school students in exchange for a few bucks. What advantage are these kids getting from going to schools when they themselves aren’t practicing their work out!

Though it does provide work and money to alot of jobless people out there but AT THE COST OF ONES EDUCATION! I don't think, it therefore should be compromised.
But yes as far as outsourcing is done by companies, then its perfectly alright to go for it and have your bite!

Decision; It upto us!

Every new advancement in the field of science and technology is molding and reshaping the previous modes of communication and sources of information with the passage of time. The launching of one gadget brings a permanent closure for the other and in the same way the invention of a new mode of communication makes the previous one an antique and outdated.
But it should be borne in mind that every step towards the advancement in such fields has its drawbacks, disadvantages and side effects as well! But it wholly depends upon us that to what extent do we allow such hazardous features to affect us and our workings and how much do we let them move along with the positive features of the blessing ensuring they do not inflict any harm on us!

So it’s us who can overcome and eliminate and try not to get affected by the disadvantages of the technology to ensure a smooth flow in our systems and world! And ensuring that we really avoid getting into the don’ts of internet, we should try to utilize efficiently the benefits internet provides us which can be drained from its disadvantages as well, but its all utpo us!

Our kids are our Future

And by doing so we can ensure a better, prosperous and a bright healthy future for our kids and for all the generations to come.

This is also how we can ensure existence of a strong, united and disciplined nation of ours!


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author avatar Songbird B
8th Aug 2011 (#)

So good to see you on here after so long, my old friend! Powerful, well presented article on the pro's and con's of the internet...Nicely balanced and written debate, Humza.. Thanks for your posts on my pages by the way, got a link from my pages that you may like to take a look at as I know that it is your field of interest.
Good to have you back, Humza..\0/

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author avatar Songbird B
8th Aug 2011 (#)

So good to see you on here after so long, my old friend! Powerful, well presented article on the pro's and con's of the internet...Nicely balanced and written debate, Humza.. Thanks for your posts on my pages by the way, got a link from my pages that you may like to take a look at as I know that it is your field of interest.
Good to have you back, Humza..\0/

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Nice analysis.
You've clearly brought out all the pros and cons of internet.

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author avatar jayababy
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Very useful article, indeed.

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author avatar Retired
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Nice presentation

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author avatar Carol
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Great article Humza. Yes there iare good points and bad points about the internet, and you have explained so well!

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author avatar Humza
8th Aug 2011 (#)

thanx alot friends, that was really quick!
thanx once again :D

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author avatar Retired
8th Aug 2011 (#)

greatt work MASHALLAH!
It is undoubtedly a very elucidating comprehension on internet.
and apart from it when it comes to sentence structure, you really deserve a WOWWW! :)

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author avatar Sana Rose
20th Aug 2011 (#)

I often get to discuss this with my friends. They usually base it on social networking and making of unwanted relationships and so on.
I'm a new author and find internet to be a blessing.
There are some very bad ways the web could lead us to. But I don't blame it on the internet AT ALL..
It's we human users who are to be blamed.
If there's porn on the web, it's because some people who are perverted upload it, open sites exclusively for it. And bcoz another group of people show demand for the same.
Where can we blame the facility called Internet?
Now, take facebook, orkut and such social sites. They don't take us somewhere and force us to strike friendships with strangers which end up berserk.
We always keep the right to choose. Like the last part says, it's our decision that's important. Our decision regarding how to use it, that has pros and cons, not the internet.
Same goes with mobile phones and its so called evils. Why is it that some people have problems with these facilities and some don't? The answer is in the question itself. The people are responsible for what they decide. Regarding kids, proper parental control and guidance will keep them safe. There, too, the decision of the elders to take care or give undue freedom leads to the consequences.

Good discussion in this article, Humza.
Glad to meet you. :)

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author avatar GNworks
30th Aug 2011 (#)

The Internet can be a blessing. It would have been a blessing to me in high school, but it was just getting started. It can be a curse for the fact that we tell the Internet everything about ourselves.

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
12th Sep 2011 (#)

Humza, Another Hot Topic but such is Life as we see in this world that we live in there is considered only two options when in fact there is at least three of any real choice but the third is only the splicing of the other two choices an Opinion If you will this is why the Word duality comes up so often when defining our world For instinctively we Know of right and wrong Here in this world but where we originate from there was No right or wrong. But only what is define by some as a trespass which was corrected and forgiven. There has always been an order or government in GOD's WORLD Heaven there Has always Been A Seat Of correction and forgiveness This is what Satan was to teach and to protect But instead used to confess and defect from GOD's World unto This earth Which he has been trying to claim Solely for himself along with Us here in It.

We Know deep down inside what we deem to be right and wrong only because we have been taught to believe in right and wrong Wrong By My definition is the failure to correct and not to repeat the action of the trespass Hence Go and Sin No More you are forgiven But Repentance is an act of true remorse for the trespass which Here Satan has Made Us to Feel we are forever Guilty Why? Control

Now take A blessing It is now by Satan taking apart in degrees trying to legalistic-ally bring the blessing closer to Him and farther away from GOD wright in degrees there is no wrong But only a trespass which need be forgiven and corrected.

The Inter-net Is One of these so Called Blessing It is being war Over-ed it can go either way but that third choice Man's Choice is what makes the thing stable here in this world the very reason behind Mans Creations an UN-bias opinion of the Nature of a Thing Another great write. Humza an in depth It to brings light to the nature of Men in a world full of Lies the great alignment is upon Us! Choices will have to be Made very soon and many are confused to what their choices are. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar koushik
18th Sep 2011 (#)

A very thought provoking article Humza, but most of it depends on the user.

In my opinion, the advantages of the Internet over weigh the disadvantages.

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author avatar Humza
18th Sep 2011 (#)

very true koushik! but still

anyways thnx for the comment

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author avatar Retired
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Such a wonderful piece of writing you have shared with everyone of us. Together with the invention of new things, these scientists should think about the chances of its manipulation by people and design the effective control mechanisms immediately otherwise it'll be to late to find out their solutions.

Every thing has its both positive and negative aspects and its positive utility depends upon how rationally we use in in our lives. The intake of too much sugar tastes bitter, so we should be careful about our limit to such technologies.

I think not just internet every resources have been misused by we people from this planet and we are responsible for raping our mother earth. Human can't be regarded as social animal just because they live in society. The current terror, peace and crimes in the world is the result of demonic character present in human soul. We are facing so many natural disasters and millions of people are dead. So we need to think how we should use resources and implement it being very responsible.

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author avatar Shirley Ann
21st Sep 2011 (#)

An old Anglican minister who taught my Sunday school class once said that everything invented by man can either be used for good or evil. Thus the internrt can either be a library of fine arts or a dirty book store. Whatever you want.

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author avatar Hassan
11th Oct 2011 (#)

whose da author ov dis article.i want to meet him immediately.never ever been went through such description of inernet..awaiting

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author avatar ghazala zafar
10th Jul 2012 (#)

So, the conclusion is 'everything has its goods and bads'
Thanks Hamza for sharing a good read!

Your last picture reminds me mine, which is taken here in Doha with me on the bench :)

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