Internet Safety Part 4: “Email”

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Email is a great part of internet, but can be prooved tricky. Here are some tips to have a better email expiriance,


One of the most widespread uses of internet is email. You can send a simple message, photos, sound, office documents, or whatever comes in your mind. You may have one or more recipients. You may send a high valued message for your job, a dinner invitation, or a message just for fun.

But, email has its own issues, as every action on internet do. These are some simple steps, so you and your contacts can be bore secure. Let’s have a look.


The most common issue of an email account is spam (for spam and other terms, visit Your internet security software and/or your email provider will filter out the most case of spamming. Although, a few of them will reach your inbox.

No worries, as the most of them are harmless and they are just being spam; mails with advertising content. Some of them, unfortunately, may contain a warm or a virus, mainly to resent itself, rather than to harm your computer. Of course, a spam can contain spyware, or other malware that can harm your computer or personal information.

Spamming, also, consumes a large portion of resources and can slow down both your computer and you (as you try to delete them). The best action against spam is to block the sender, the first time you spot one. In addition, several email providers give you the choice to report them, so, sparing a couple of minutes to (anonymously) report them will be a good thing (for you and for many others).

Infection by email

Several malware will use your email account to reach (and infect) other computers. This will create and send an email to your contacts, so your contacts will receive an email by you and will contain the malware. As the email will have you as the sender, your contacts will open it without hesitation, resulting of an infection.

These cases are very difficult, as you see someone of your contacts for a sender. The only thing that you can do is to have a “subject ID”, a personal phrase that you will include in your subject. I.e. let’s say that I have for a subject ID the number 2012, that is my year of birth (just kidding) and I want to send a couple of photos to a friend. So, my subject will be something like “Subject: (2012) Check these photos out”.

A malware can generate an email with specific content, so it cannot generate my subject ID and that is good. The next time which my friend see an email without the “2012” in the subject he or she will not open it, even if the sender is me.

Email passwords

I have cover this ( but I would like to remind two things: When you see that something is wrong, change your password and notify your contacts, as they might have the same problem and, the second, when spot an unusual mail from one of your contacts, give him or her a notification to pay attention.

Email that asks for a password

Finally, but at the top of everything else is that there are emails which copies the emails of large corporations and are look like the same and you can recognize them, as, in general, these emails will ask you for your password, or your account will be closed. Be aware that if you receive an email that asks you for a password for any of your accounts this is a FAKE EMAIL, even if it looks like a real.

Report this email to the mentioned company, and keep in mind that companies will never (never and never) ask you for a password.

If you wish to read the three previous parts, you can find them here.

Thank you for reading
Stay Safe.


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