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I have provided some interviews and reviews of my book, }Angels Watching Over Me"


Here are some more reviews from my book Angels Watching Over me. I hope you enjoy them.

Now for the second review that my friend has written about the book. There are several reviews done already and this one is special, the writer, Nancy Silveria has truly captured the feeling of the book with a complete understanding of my work.
Now for the review:

Review by Nancy Silveria

Angels Watching Over Me written by Carol Roach as reviewed by Nancy Silveria
Angels Watching Over Me is the second book by author, and Gather Family Member, Carol Roach. It is 244 pages, containing 60 Chapters, which covers the life of Carissa Forbes, a black woman born in the countryside of Nova Scotia.

Carol paints a vivid picture for her readers, as the novel unwinds from the tragic death of both Carissa's parents, through her upbringing by siblings, and onward into adulthood. Throughout it all, the reader is enchanted with Carissa's ability to communicate with angels.

Entwined with the unique circumstance of her life, Carissa faces the realities of poverty and prejudice. From the functionality of family life, to the elements of social class, to issues of the heart, the reader watches Carissa's life unfold one painstaking decision at a time.

Carol takes the reader on a journey encompassing the insecurities and the fortitudes of humanity. She does this with a series of well-developed characters that mimic real life as they cross paths with Carissa. The author delves into the fears, the hope, the tears, and the joys of everyday people.

When Carissa decides to make a new life for herself in Montreal, Carol takes her readers through that feeling of striving for independence. We are along for the journey, as Carissa faces each challenge. It is here that Carol deftly shows the effect of one's environment of nurture on the outcome of their personality and growth. We watch, as Carissa becomes the person her life's experience has molded. Through tedious jobs, unexpected friendships, misguided loves, and the birth of children, we see and feel the world through Carissa's eyes.

My favorite thing about this novel is Carol's ability to keep me surprised. I didn't read a standard outline for fiction; I read life.

Interview with Kathryn from Gather

Today, I had the opportunity to interview Gather member, Carol Roach who has published two books.

Carol and I met for over coffee and talk in Montreal, where we had a discussion about her novel, Angels Watching Over Me.

Carol, you told me in Montreal that Angels Watching Over Me was partially based on a woman you had known growing up in Montreal. It seems her story really struck you as one worth telling. Would you say that her story was one of the most heart-rending stories you encountered growing up?

My response,

"Though it is true that I met the protagonist of the story when I was 13 years old, I only reconnected with her after I had married and had a young child of my own. I did not know what happened until the reunion. But when I was finally told what happened there was nothing that hit me more that this mother losing her child. I just could not imagine losing my child, - literally, I couldn't imagine it. It was too painful to think about it and to think it never happened to me, but it happened to her.

She was robbed of the joy of being a mother to this sweet angel. Then to see her ex escorted to the hospital and walk in with arm guards and shackles on his feet was beyond my comprehension. I don't know what I would have felt had that situation happen to me. As if that wasn't enough to this very day she does not know the cause of death. How much more can a mother take, how can this mother ever get closure? Was it of the most heart-rending stories I encountered growing up, no, it is one of the most horrific stories I have ever encountered in my entire life."

My response,

"Angels Watching Over Me is a semi fictional; the base of the story is the life story of my friend. Carissa. The protagonist, grew up in rural Nova Scotia and lost both her parents by the time she was 8 years old. She left her siblings and travelled to Montreal at the age of 17. The story then continues to trace her life to present day (I can't give away everything) In Montreal she meets the man she falls in love with and never really knew the man he really was until the bitter end.

The story depicts her tremendous strength of character, sense of family values and love of God. It explores what it truly means to be a woman. It demonstrates how an impoverished single Mother can overcome the various obstacles that are set in her way. It demonstrates how blind faith can sometimes work out for us and sometimes work against us. It magnifies her ability to connect with Angels and I am hoping it reveals my true feelings about this woman, and the hero she is to me."

How long did it take to write Angels Watching Over Me?

My response

"That is hard to say. Originally, Angels Watching Over Me, was written as a short story that I was going to submit to a contest in 2004. I had several people read it and they all came to the same conclusion this story needed to be a novel. The original short story was non fictional, but I had to expand to make it into a novel and there the story went from 17,000 words to close 90,000. I had three different editors read the book, that last editor was a professional editor for over 20 years, she advised me to flush out the father character in the beginning of the book, since even after his death he continued to play an important role in Carissa's life. She also asked for more dialogue. So after three major changes to the direction of the book, I would say it took two years."

Was your life similar or different from that of your protagonist?

My response

"Kathryn, my signature writing is about poverty, I write for the underdog, I try to expose the myths of poverty through my writing whether it is a short piece or a full-length novel. Yes, there are parallels between our lives, poverty, single parenthood, fighting the odds, family values, and spiritually and these all come to play. Actually two of the female characters are composites of me. "

Of the two books you've published, Picking Up the Pieces and Angels Watching Over Me - do you prefer one over the other? Or do you think of them as equals?

My response

"The books are very different; my first book is my autobiography and explores poverty and its major issues. It demonstrates how I overcame obstacles, and provides inspiration for women. It was much easier to write because it was my story. The second is a novel, it has all those elements I mentioned but harder to write because I had to use my imagination to fill in missing pieces that the real Carissa never told me and to be able to weave a story that would capture the hearts of my readers. Of the two which one do I prefer, I would have to say Angels Watching Over Me. It demonstrates how I have grown as a writer."

Do you have plans for a third book? If so, could you briefly describe your book.

My response

"After my six proofreaders read the book, they all said they wanted to know more about the story - they felt they lost their best friend when the book ended. Each one had a different character that they wanted to know more about. I thought about it and I decided to make the sequel about one of Carissa's sisters who was a key figure in the story. I have already started the book and it is going to be even better than Angels Watching Over Me, I cannot predict if and when the manuscript will be completed though. Lately I have had to concentrate on writing for instant cash. Which I am for example doing at this moment, as I leave all you wonderful people on Gather this evening, I must get back to my writing assignment. This particular assignment will yield $300.00 badly needed dollars."

Comments from Judi J.

My last interview

It is time for another sneak preview of Angels Watching Over Me. The book will again be featured at another Literary festival in about a month and I am excited about the upcoming literary festival in New York City in December. As a writer you can understand the honour and sense of accomplishment I feel about this.

I have yet to meet a person who said they did not like the book
The comments so far are:
" I couldn't put the book down"
"It's better than Sydney Sheldon, I love the twists and turns."
" Thank you for not putting in unnecessary sex scenes, I find most books today are filled with smut."
"When are you going to write the sequel, I feel, I just lost my best friend, I want to know more about Carissa and what happened to her."

Now for the sneak preview taken from chapter 2
Chapter 2
Winchester Junior, often simply called Winn by family and friends, broke the news to his mother about her husband's death. Since his mom could not read, he read her letters for her.
"Mama, I think you should sit down for a bit, I got somethin' to tell you."
"Well go ahead and say it boy, I gots to get the supper on for the young'uns, a woman has no time to be sittin' around all the day long."
"Mama, please you need to be sit sittin' down, I went into town and I ga got the ma mail and . . ."
"Winn, stop that stutterin an tell me what it is," Kate said as she dried her hands on her clean white apron and pulled the chair out from the table.
Winn waited until she was comfortably seated. He grabbed hold of her hand.
"Mama, I don't reckon I know how to say this, I . . ."
"Tell me child," she yelled at him with tears already forming in her eyes as she saw the important looking letter in front of her. It was obvious it was from the government and that could not be good news."
"Mama I got a letter from the government. It says that the Chinese swept over theYalu River . . . there was a big battle, many United Nations soldiers died. Papa, pppap pa was one of the men killed. Mama, he's gone. He's gone Mama."
There were no more words as mother and son sat crying in each others arms. After what seemed to be an eternity Kate regained some composure and got up to start supper. She began chopping onions at the counter nearly collapsing before the job was finished.
A startled Winn ran to her side. "Mama go up to bed and rest awhile."
"I can't Winn, I gots to make supper for the young'uns, they will be hungry when they get home. I gots to make supper, I gots to."
"Mama, it's okay, you go up to bed. I will go and pick em up. The movie is just about over now. Leave the cookin' to Katie-Ann tonight. You need your rest Mama. You just rest Mama okay?"
"I gots to make the supper, I gots . . ."
"It's okay Mama, Katie-Ann will take care of all that, and after supper I will tell her about Papa. You just rest. We will do just fine. I will take care of it," he said as he helped his Mama up the stairs to her bedroom.
Within hours, Kate suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed and confined to her bed for the duration of her life
Carol Roach's new book Angels Watching Over Me will be displayed at the 2007 Georgia Literary Festival (September 28 - 30, 2007).
For all of us familiar with Carol's work, it is not surprising that her new book is reaching a wider audience! She is a truly talented writer and this book in particular touches a deep chord for its readers with an interesting storyline and the characters to make it complete.
With permission, I have listed a review by Shirley Johnson (Senior Reviewer) of the Midwest Book Review below. I am so delighted that Carol is receiving some of the recognition she deserves!
Angels Watching Over Me by: Carol Roach
In this wonderful work by gifted author Carol Roach we meet a very special girl named Carissa.Carissa life has been anything but easy. She has known the scorn of poverty; the battle of rejection, the sorrow of death. However, Carissa has a quality that hinges almost on the supernatural; her faith and assurance in a God who is more than enough.We are taken through the life of Carissa from her youth in a small rural community and her family to her final victory as a woman who never compromised despite the hardships such decisions would bring. Her life stood as a testimony.This is a deep heartfelt read; one that shows the strength and courage of the human spirit despite at times cruel circumstances and unfair situations. The author definitely draws you into the very heart of Carissa merging you with the fight and strength that she possesses during her entire life. Her unselfish love is the main attribute that shone out to me and one that I think author Carol Roach did an exceptional job at portraying.If you want to read a story of the heart, this one is for you. A compelling story of a woman, a time and a future where one can actually say, 'everything turned out all right."It might have happened much later than we as the reader may have wanted, but perhaps that is exactly how life for most of us plays out.Well done Ms. Roach!
Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer/MidWest Book Review
This is not the first time Angels Watching over Me has been part of a literary event. Her book first appeared at the New York center for Independent Publishing 2007 Writer's Conference. I am sure it will do well at the festival and I am honored to be able to promote Carol's work wherever I can!
For any that may be unfamiliar with Carol, her Gather name is Her credentials and recent publications are as follows:
Carol Roach
M.Ed, B.A.
Publisher: Storytime Tapestry
Author: Angels Watching Over Me:
Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's
Freelance writer

Here is a brief description of Angels Watching Over Me:
Carissa Forbes, a young Black girl of seventeen, leaves her beloved family in rural Nova Scotia to make a life for herself in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Much befalls this young girl as she tries to adapt to big city life. She meets and falls in love with a French Canadian man and is faced with an awful truth at the end of their relationship that changes her life forever. Carissa has an extraordinary ability to communicate with angels.

In all of this, Carissa maintains contact with the spirit world even when she ignores the warnings. Imaginary friends, dreams, fortune tellers and special numbers all play an integral part of this woman's life until the end of her journey. Once her daughter marries and creates a life for herself, Carissa is finally at peace. Her angels have come through for her and she is finally happy.

Now for the final reviews

Wonderful review. I had read Carol's first book "Picking Up the Pieces..A woman's Journey" which was a wonderful story of overcoming all odds. I am now reading "Angels Watching Over Me" and I can tell you the main character Carissa will steal your heart. I'm only at the part where she has moved to Montreal, but I can't wait to follow her further.

Carol Roach is indeed a wonderful writer. Her book is wonderfully written and the reader will not be able to put it down, I guarantee you that. The characters come alive and Carol certainly wove a fabulous tapestry in a story the reader will never forget. I applaud you Carol on a job well done. I can't wait for your next book. You are a true storyteller.
Judi J., Aug 5, 2007, 1:32pm EDT

There is one more interview and the story which was the inspiration for my book. Then I will give you the pleasure of reading the book for yourself as I publish it here on Wikinuts.

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