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There is some basic language, or nomenclature around of the robotics. It is using the names contemporary of the times, eg Automatons, Mechanical Men, and then Robots.
Only as technology changed man’s ability to create devices in its own image, it filtered into definitions of those devices.

The Term of Robots

The evolution of automaton definitions, for example, reflects changes in the ways “self-movement” could be achieved. Attitudes toward new technologies also permeated some definitions. The origin of the word robot was itself a comment on technology’s role in society. Whereas automaton definitions reflected the technology of the day, robot definitions remained vague regarding the technology required to make them run. Forty years after robot entered into the English language, a definition of industrial robot finally specified what was meant technically, but a world consensus was not reached and definitions continue to vary from language to language. Robots are sometimes grouped according to the time frame in which they were first widely used.
The term of robot comes from the Czech language. The word robot comes from the vocabulary of "Robota" meaning "quick work" or "Forced Labor". It was first appeared in the 1920's by a playwright named Karel CAPEC. His work at the time entitled "Rossum's Universal Robots" which means the "World Robot belongs Rossum". Rossum was designing and build an army consisting of industrial robots ended up being too clever and ultimately human master or In the play, the robots eventually overthrow their human creators.
Robotics word also comes from the science fiction novel "runaround" written by Isaac Asimov in 1942. While the precise definition of the robot is a system or device that can behave or mimic human behavior with the aim to replace and simplify labor / human activities.
There is some basic language, or nomenclature around of the robotics. It is using the names contemporary of the times, eg Automatons, Mechanical Men, and then Robots.

"It’s probably hang-up but it concerns when I see the headlines like “Robots of the 19th Century”, or da Vinci’s Robot. As quoted from the book by Isaac Asimov and Karen Frenkel: “Robots – Machines in Man’s Image”.
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Robots Generation

First-generation robots date from the 1970's and consist of stationary, non programmable, electromechanical devices without sensors. Second-generation robots were developed in the 1980s and can contain sensors and programmable controllers. Third-generation robots were developed between approximately in 1990 and in the present days.
These machines can be stationary or mobile, autonomous or insect type, with sophisticated programming, speech recognition and/or synthesis, and other advanced features. Fourth-generation robots are in the research-and-development phase, and include features such as artificial intelligence, self-replication, self assembly, and nano-scale size (physical dimensions on the order of nanometers, or units of 10-9 meter).

The Advanced of Robots

Some advanced robots are called "Androids" because of their superficial resemblance to human beings. Androids are mobile, usually moving around on wheels or a track drive (robots legs are unstable and difficult to engineer). The android is not necessarily the end point of robot evolution. Some of the most esoteric and powerful robots do not look or behave anything like humans. The ultimate in robotic intelligence and sophistication might take on forms yet to be imagined.

  • Asimo is a humanoid robot created by Honda Motor Company. Height 130 cm with a weight of 54 kg. Resembles a small astronaut carrying the backpack and can walk on two feet at a speed of 6km/h. Officially, the name is an acronym of advance Asimo Step in Innovative Mobility. According to an official statement naming Honda has nothing to do with the name of the author of science fiction funds Three Laws of Robotics inventor, Isaac Asimov.
    During 2007, there were 46 units of ASIMO. Per unit made funds approaching one million US dollars, and some units can be rented at a cost of US$ 166,000 per year. ASIMO can give a response when his name was called, at the face of a man who is talking to him and quickly recognize the sound of a falling object or a collision and facing towards the origin of the sound. ASIMO can recognize a person's face, even though he/she or the person is moving. ASIMO can recognize approximately 10 people whose names have been registered and can give greetings to visitors who come and give information on the arrival of a person by transmitting messages and photos to guide visitors as well as visitors to the designated place.
    Watch the video here:

  • Actroid is a humanoid robot with human-like appearance that is actually developed by Osaka University and manufactured by Kokoro Company Ltd. Was first introduced at the International Robot Exposition 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. Many products with different versions were created afterwards. Usually this robot is made in such a way that is similar to a young woman of Japanese descent. Actrod is an example of a precursor to the real machine alike android or Gynoid in science fiction. Actroid capable of expression as a wink, speak, and breathe. Actroid skin made of silicon and looks like real human skin. A total of 47 sensors are paired mover in the upper body Actroid thus able to react naturally like humans.
    Actroid sensing system capable of driving the sensor makes it react fast enough to do or deflect boxing. But so far the movement of the lower body is still limited. Actroid can be rented together costumes to greet guests café, information center, complex, enterprise, or a museum, at a cost of 400,000 yen for 5 days including the cost of choreography. Here following the video of Acroid:

  • Q-Rio or Quest for Curiosity is the name given by Sony Dream Robot on a humanoid robot that was launched by Sony to follow the success of its predecessor, the AIBO. Q-Rio has a height of about 0.6 meters and weighing about 7.3 kilograms, Q-RIO able to recognize faces and voices to remember someone.
    A video on the official website of the Q-RIO shows the robot interacting with children, Q-RIO can run at a speed of 23 cm/sec. AIBO robot or Artificial Intelligence is one of several types of robotic animals that are designed and manufactured by Sony in 1999. It is able to walk, to recognize the surrounding environment and recognize the command to install special software called AIBO software, AIBO has the ability to 'evolve' from stage puppy to adult dog can recognize 100 voice commands. Without AIBO ware, AIBO can only run clinic mode and can only perform simple movements.

Positively and Negatively Impacts

The Positive impact of the Robotics Technology: There are many uses of robots in various facets of life ranging from domestic to industrial. But in general, the usefulness of the robot is to replace human performance that require high accuracy and reduce or even eliminate the risk of accidents is quite high if people do the work.
For example in car manufacturing plants, cars made would not have high precision if the workmanship done by humans, because humans have a sense of fatigue when working continuously and when tired thoroughness of work performed can be reduced is different if the job performed by robots, cars that are made will have a fairly good precision in addition to the time required for the manufacturing process will be relatively faster if the work is done by human hands. Another example the Special Cops/Army team that worked to tame the bomb if not careful the bombs could explode and injure even kill them but if the job was replaced by robots, than mean that it would not too dangerous for humans.

The Negative Impact of the Robotics Technology: The robot itself can interfere with safety, when fitted with the calculation of the less mature. Safety coworker (humans) need to be considered more mature. As for some of the impact of Robotics Technology as follows:
The impacts to the Human life's

  • Shifting or replacement of human work is a robot (displacement, Substitution), allowing the entire human function is replaced by a robot, so it slipped from his job.
  • Personality oppressed, because of the influence of the global nature of the information that humans tend to be people who are affected by global issues, while culture, local values become increasingly eroded.
  • Technological mentality, this is reflected in excessive trust in the tool (techno centrist), as if everything can be solved by technology and something would be more convincing if done

By the equipments and accompanied which its figures.

  • Crisis technology, various crises that hit the world this century mainly due to the development of technology that is too fast, so that the process of adaptation and integration could not be done.
  • As a result of the individual is techno-stress, urban disease, a disease of civilization.

Impact on the Environment

As well as the impact on humans, then the negative impact on the environment increasingly important as more and more widespread, rapid and irreversible. Some of the impact of technology on humans, including cultural environment are:

  • Depletion of resources, because technology tends to evolve towards the creation of new needs, hyper consumption, then humans will increase, especially for cultural needs.
  • Climate disruption, the growth of industrial areas, which can result in changes in weather and climate
  • Environmental pollution, this problem is also much discussed by environmentalists.
  • Establishment and overcompensation of environment, disrupt ecosystems, or more precisely the unity of nature becomes damaged.
  • Load more information, Environment information will also cause problems because growth is very fast, exceeded the absorption and human though.

The development of robotics is now very fast growing, thinkers and scientists never cease to make something new. Robots are used to facilitate and assist the work of man, the field of industrial robots are used to speed up the work of human, so that the production process faster. The negative impact of the use of industrial robots for human field, namely the occurrence of unemployment because of the position of man replaced by robots. Robots are not only used in industry, robots are also used for the automotive world like a car, for example, the use of a proximity sensor (ping) is used to know the distance of an object by car. Robots are also used for washing cars, for example, a crane to lift the car. A robotic education majors or students interested in the course, some of Universities world wide vying to develop robotic in order to achieve for the best one. Probably!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Jan 2015 (#)

Saw Will Smith in iRobot??? That is the new possibility now for a bionic limb to give the cripple another chance to walk in life. Now skin can be grown by using a growth serum and then placed on the bionic limb using skin grafting.
Now that is robotic technology at the peak.
This one has been there for a while and none replicate the human brain or mind although in Robocop they do say it is possible for repressed memories to be brought forward again in order to live a normal life despite being a robot.
But remember they are machines who cannot cry or have the emotions.

Try the Eagle Eye Technique and you will see more than a casual walking talking robot. its your databank messenger style kind of Robotics.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Jan 2015 (#)

Eagle Eye is today's life on the planet, everything is computer generated. Just a virus is needed to shut it down....

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author avatar viewgreen
18th Jan 2015 (#)

Dear Jhon! I thank you very much for the approval on this page. :)


Dear Lady! I thank you for your great comment and your positively views to this my page. Well, iROBOT is a science fiction film and also some other movies like Robocop, Transformers and many other movie that tells the story of a robot.
Basically all the fiction movie inspiration comes from scientists who researched and designed a machine that could mimic and even interact with humans, especially concerning about robots in this regard. And unfortunately the machine does not have a natural feeling like emotions, affection and crying. And I agree with you.

As for the Eagle Eye is basically a satellite system operated device using robotics techniques, where the robot is able to directly explore in space and provide a report or a fairly accurate picture. The Eagle Eye or better known as The Best Satellite Views of the Earth. Of course all machines or robots that humans were created using computer programming system so it is natural that there is a virus that could paralyze the robot. But, the most powerful way is to manually turn off or disable the power system. approximately so.
I appreciate with your supporting. Thank you very much. :)

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author avatar zoel
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

yes today life's human activities are depend on machine and this the facts. thanks for sharing.

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author avatar viewgreen
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you for your stopping by to see this page my friend. :)

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author avatar Gclick
12th Feb 2015 (#)

wow! it's great information. At least we are not robot, does it right? hehe.. D thanks for sharing this.

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author avatar viewgreen
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Yeah! you're right my friend but I write this and published this page is used a robot and that's computer (PC). Thank you for stopping by to see this page my friend.

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author avatar Colekdikit
13th Feb 2015 (#)

informative posting and good job my friend. thanks

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