Justice doesn't seem to be for everyone

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What 12 Angry Men play let me thinking after having watched it online.

Justice doesn't seem to be for everyone

Yesterday I watched a drama program produced by Spanish State controlled television that was once very popular. That was, of course, when the State controlled channel was poor, because on these days they are rich and they seem to be on different kind of thing, that is, real crap.
It was a program entitled Studio 1 and in it, they always adapted a play for TV. Thus, many Spaniards were able to know some of the very best plays performed by also the very best actors.
The play I chose at random was 12 angry men. as I was not sure to have watched it before not even when it was performed in a film by Henry Fonda.
What a play that had been performed by a fantastic bunch of Spanish actors that are now dead!
After having watched it without blinking and not knowing what time was, two things let me thinking.
1. The US system of the popular jury to decide on someone's fate or life. Twelve men can be chosen regardless of their education, knowledge on legal issues or what they do to decide whether someone is guilty or not. I'm already scared enough about having to rely on a lawyer or a judge as regards one's innocence, but it's even more scary that one's innocence or guilt is left on citizens that may not be very good themselves or to not qualify to decide on such an issue.
2. If one has to face a Court hearing, but can't afford to pay for a lawyer, the government can provide us one for free, but these types of compulsory lawyers will take one's case, because they have to, but it isn't guarantied that they'll take on one's case willingly to defend us well, because they aren't to get a lot of money or glory as it's said in this play. This is very true and this is why I think Justice doesn't seem to be equal for everyone.
On the other hand, this is a compiling play or film to be watched.

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9th Feb 2015 (#)

The jury system may be flawed, but then so are all the alternatives. As I remember, the plot of 12 Angry Men revolves around the doubts on one juryman (the Henry Fonda character) who eventually persuades the rest of the jury to change their minds and save a life. Could this happen if justice depended solely on the judge?

On the other hand, the poet Robert Frost once said that the purpose of the jury was merely to decide which side of the case had the better lawyer!

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author avatar vickylass
10th Feb 2015 (#)

Of course not!!! We know well that many judges sentenced according their political views or ideology.

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