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This is more of an explanation I owe you, guys, than a review.

About the author - me :)

I know you guys must've thought that I'm just an amateur and that's why my story's beginning was sloppy, but the truth is that I've been a closet writer since I was twelve, and that gives me about six years of experience.
And I know you might think that I was just writing and that was it, but you couldn't be more wrong!
In my head, about twelve story ideas are developing simultaneously, so, when I write something, I make sure that I check, double check and review that something before I publish it. And I must say that nobody, not even my English teachers judged me as harshly as I judged myself.

About my work :) - the creative process

My inspiration literally comes from EVERYWHERE: from something that happened to me, or an alternative version of what happened to me, to my friends, to someone I know, something I saw on TV or something that I'd love to happen to me. After a long day, I sometimes sit on the couch, in total silence, and think how would have a specific character reacted in that situation... I guess I infuse a small part of me in my every character.
I try to remember everything that happens, to the smallest detail, so that later, I could put it on paper.
If one of my friends sees me dozing off in class or in the middle of a discussion that doesn't involve me, or in every spare moment I get, there is a huge possibility that I'm thinking about at least one of the story ideas.
The funny thing is how the characters interact in my head: there is an ongoing dialogue that never ends, and the ideas don't get mixed up because every story is unique, so the characters don't mix up.

The dos and don'ts in writting

For me, the definite DOs are writing while dressed in a pair of cozy pajamas, next to something to nibble on while writing, for example licorice or a bag of chips, something to drink, starting from tap water to any kind of juice, but NEVER alcohol! (Trust me, I've tried it and you do not want to go down that road! It absolutely makes you feel inspired, you write all kinds of nonsense that you think that make sense at the moment, and then, once sober, you realize you have to work on that again because the nonsense you just wrote!)
Another DON'T is listening music or anything else, for that matter. It subliminally controls your entire vision upon the story, and you might like it, but I seem to always find myself hating the things I write while surrounded by music or noise.
One last DO is planning most of what you want to write, but make it sound as real and spontaneous! Don't force it out of a character that doesn't fit to what you want them to do!
Books write themselves if you just listen to what the characters want to say!
That's mostly it... But don't count them just yet! a good writer never reveals their hand before the right time ;)

What you've waited for - Koshmar's first chapter review + a SURPRISE!

Like I said in the first section, at a first read, the chapter doesn't seem like much: sloppy, good potential, but really rushed, no inside as to how the characters think, so that's why I decided to "throw you a bone" by writing short side stories, like who they are, accomplishments, dreams, wishes, thoughts on the development of the action, stuff like that.
I really hope that you guys enjoy reading my Koshmar as much as I enjoy writing it!

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