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Is there such a thing as too much reality in your Simulation?.... NO NO NO NO IGNORE THE GRAVEYARD!! DON'T LOOK AT IT!! TURN AWAY!!... uh... Game Dev Story by Kairosoft.

A Resist This Android Review

Ok. Let's shoo the giant gorilla out of the room. The Graveyard.
Watched it's playthrough on Game Grumps (YouTube).
Walk granny to the bench at the end of the path in a graveyard, sit her down... and watch her die... just like my expectations... joy. Don't believe me? Look for Game Trumps The Graveyard on YouTube and See for yourself.

Is there such a thing as too much reality in Simulations? Yes. Game Dev Story proves it. By Kairosoft basically you run a 8-bit in appearance game studio making games post the industry's revival with the original NES and SEGA Master era... and that's it. Balance your budget wisely, make games, follow the gaming industry and expand... rinse and repeat.

The game is pretty east to master but follows a pattern.
- Make games, deciding whether or not to risk improving the product at risk of racking up game bugs (over 40 bugs means the finished product will have a few bugs on release)

- Face harsh critics (no matter how well the game sells critics score it harshly... which makes me wonder if this isn't a cry for attention and pity from the gaming industry) and auto sell games, plying the tech chips you earned in development to level up employees, and money to train employees to increase skills and unlock new game types to create.

Spend money to buy licensing agreements to develop games for SEGA, Nintendo (not called that in the game of course) and the like. Licenses that become obsolete almost immediately.

My problem with the game is it is ok, but gets to be repetitive as you balance your budget while grinding out new games, upgrading your staff and expanding which all takes time and resources to do. Also almost immediately once you invest in developing for a console it becomes obsolete, which is a pain to say the least.

Long amount of effort on your part with little progress and, yes, even failings if you pursue the console wars witch the game encourages you to do... as Sims goes it's at best only for the die hard Sims gamer, especially since the game is best suited to gamers who like working without a net and takes the initiative on their own. A 3 out of 5. It has its quirks and good points, but is only for the most dedicated Sims gamer.

Next time we Sims? Hmm... Stay tuned.

Your Turn! Game Dev Story and RealSims.

Ok, now it's your turn. The topic is Game Dev Story and the concept of RealSims. Also what do you think of Game Dev Story? Simple tycoon sim or cry for sympathy from the gaming industry? What do you think? Post below, no flaming, thank you.


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Interesting post!

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