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'Koi Mil Gaya' released in 2003, was a super hit Hindi movie of its time because of the much publicized character 'Jadoo' an alien and the trick photography. This movie is a typical Hindi masala movie with abundant amount of emotions, fights, songs and comedy incorporated in it!


Koi Mil Gaya an in house production by Rakesh Roshan is basically a fun filled, romantic, science fiction. This movie entertains the audience and takes them to a different world of fantasies!

Koi Mil Gaya means ''Found some one!' Here in this movie it has been used to imply that the mentally retarded Rohit found Jaadu an alien who brings a total change in his life!

Similarly it may also be applicable to his girl friend that brings tons of happiness in his life which encourages him to become a Hero in real life!

Story Line.

The story of this movie about a boy Rohit who is born as mentally retarded child and about his attainment of the success in a fairy tale manner in his real life!

Sanjay Mehra is a scientist and he is working on a project where he is trying to establish a contact with the life on the other planets. He gets a constant support by his wife Sonia in his research work. He has shown having an instrument resembling a computer with which he manages to send some signals into the space and also manages to get the feedback!

But this achievement of his is taken as a joke by his colleagues not paying any heed to it, which disheartens him and his wife Sonia. While returning from the meeting the couple sees a spaceship landing near by them and in the excitement and confusion they meet with an accident where the scientist Sanjay Mehra dies leaving behind his pregnant wife to mourn!

Sonia develops an aversion towards the research work of her husband and the aliens because which she lost him! She packs and dumps his late husband's equipment in the store room!

In due course of time she delivers a baby boy Rohit who unfortunately is a mentally retarded child by birth. She brought him up with all the care, affection and the special attention to make him a 20 years old youth.

With the IQ of a 12 year old boy, this 20 year youth finds it difficult to cope in his studies and he prefers to be in the company of the kids to the grown ups!

In a funny situation Rohit meets a young girl Nita who becomes his friend after over coming some misunderstandings with Rohit! They become close friends and she forms a new member in the Rohit's team comprising six naughty kids! They enjoy the life and have fun like kids!

Rohit is bullied by the old youths of his age of his town and he faces this as he doesn't have any thing with him to escape from it!

One day along with Nisha, Rohit tampers his father's equipment and manages to send the signals into the space and the aliens from the space enter the Town, while going back one of the young alien is left behind who is saved by Rohit to become his best friend!

Now with the entry of this alien whom the team name as 'Jadoo' Rohit's life takes an important turn and he becomes Super Hero in school and out side too! Except for him and his team no body knows how he has got this transformation! There onwards the movie turns very funny and entertaining to see Rohit as a Super Hero!

Rohit, can he manage to hide his friend because whom he has turned so powerful?

With the grown up IQ he starts liking towards Nisha, will he get his lady love?

How he manages to take revenge with the boys who bullied him in the past?

What is the end of the story?

The answers to these questions form the theme of the movie!

Star Cast.

The star cast of this movie includes Rakesh Roshan the director, producer of the film as Sanjay Mehra.

Rekha acted as Sonia, Rohit’s caring mother and she was fantastic as usual.

Hrithik Roshan excelled as a mentally challenged youth Rohit and won several deserved awards for his acting in this movie.

Preity Zinta looks gorgeous and acted very well as an all time supporter of her friend Rohit,

The gang of kids and Johny Liver deserves a special mention for making the movie a thorough entertainer!


The music by Rajesh Roshan brother of Rakesh Roshan is quite effective in the movie, and aptly supports the special effects depicted in the movie.

The sound tracks like Haila Haila…. And Edhar Chala Udhar Chala… is quite melodious and entertaining.

You feel like listening to them again and again if you have a 5.1 Channel Home theatre with you! In all you can say all the six sound tracks are melodious and mood elevators!


The fairy tale like story line was very well scripted by the trio Sachin Bhaumik, Honey Irani and Shawnik Bhatt with some funny dialogues given to the Character Rohit and also to his friends!

The dialogues scripted for Johny Walker who acted as a Police Inspector are entertaining!


The lyrics were written by Ibrahim Ashq, Dev Kohli and Nasir Firaaz and the popularity of the songs shows the quality of their work , of course together with the melodious music composition provided to them by the famous music director Rajesh Roshan!


The direction of such movies is really a difficult task, especially in Bollywood as the director has to very carefully balance the movie with appropriate amounts of romance and scientific fiction in it!

in my opinion he could managed to get what he wanted as one never gets bored with the scenes where the aliens and the jadoo are showed.

In fact the audience readily accepts the alien 'Jadoo' as Rohit's well wisher and start liking him! Director successfully incorporated the required amount of emotion, romance, melodious songs, fight scenes and comedy in the in very proper ratio to make it a super duper hit which can be enjoyed by entire family!

For the efforts taken by Rakesh Roshan as a director he was conferred with National Film Award and Film Fare Award as the Best Director of the year!


In Bollywood movies Choreography plays a major role as the Hindi Movie audiences are addicted to the Dances in the movie they watch.

In this movie the choreography is simply superb. May it be the romantic song between Rohit and his Girl Friend Nisha or the Solo performance by Rohit on the stage!

Every song was very carefully choreographed by the famous choreographer Farah Khan and she got the due recognition not only from the audience in the form of appreciation but also from Film Fare Academy and National Film Society in the form of Best Choreographer Award of the year!

What One likes the most in the Movie?

Apart from the regular romantic scenes and the melodious songs, the fairy tale like scenes where Rohit's team wins basket ball match,

Rohit performance in the class as a genius and his performance as a professional dancer on the stage keeps the audience entertained with a positive note!

These incidents definitely make one to have the ‘Feel Good’ experience after watching the movie!

About the Special Character 'Jadoo'!

The Jadoo was created by animatronics and it is heard that lot of money was invested to have him on the screen.

The special effects of Space ship were created by computer generated graphics which are quite impressive and definitely a new venture attempted in the Bollywood which was very warmly welcomed by the audience and the efforts taken by the technical people was duly recognized to honor them with National Film Award of the year for special effects!

Awards Won.

This movie was nominated for Film Fare awards 2004, in eleven categories out of which , it could very successfully made to win five awards.
The Awards won are as follows:
1. Best Movie - Rakesh Roshan
2. Best Director - Rakesh Roshan
3. Best actor - Hritik Roshan
4. Best Choreographer - Farah Khan
5. Critic Award Best Performance - Hritik Roshan

Koi Mil Gaya was conferred with Three following National Film Awards for the same year:
1.National Film Award for Best Film on other Social issues - Rakesh Roshan
2.National Film Award for Best Special Effects – James Colmer, Lara Denman, Marc Kolbe, Craig A. Mumma.
3.Best Choreography - Farah Khan.

My Opinion.

This movie in color which runs for about 2 hours and 50 minutes is a fun filled joy ride with an outstanding performance by Hrithik Roshan is a worth watching! The digital audio stereophonic sound gives an special impact when the movie is watched in the theatre! This romantic, entertaining fantasy is strongly recommended to one and all and it is a must if you have kids in your family.

PS: The pictures used in the review are taken from Google search. My sincere thanks to them.

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20th Aug 2012 (#)

beautifully done A K...many thanks for a great page and star

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Thanks a lot dear Cnwriter for your sincere and lovely comment!

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Great review, AK.

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author avatar A K Rao
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks a lot dear Buzz!

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author avatar Mounika Reddy
21st Aug 2012 (#)

With 'Koi mil gaya' Hritik made a comeback and proved himself again. Such a versatile actor!!!
Personally I liked his acting in 'Fiza' and 'mission kashmir ' also though they were not a box office hit. Great share Mr.Rao.

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author avatar A K Rao
22nd Aug 2012 (#)

Yes, dear Mounika , Hritik is a Versatile actor and there is no dubt anout it! Yes, he was great in both the movies which you have mentioned!

Thanks a lot for taking out time to read the review and commenting dear Mounika!

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super review Rao Sir .thank you for sharing .jk

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Thanks a lot dear jk for loving the review and making an encouraging comment!

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So much passion in the review. A thorough job indeed, Rao - siva

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Nice review. You love movies!

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You have a great passion for writing Movie Reviews. Keep it up!

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amazing, a super review, thanks a K...

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