Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether

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A comic of steampunk adventure and derring-do, with intriguing characters and a gripping plot.

A New Discovery

Last night, while poking around Kickstarter after donating all the spare money I had to a good cause, I found a project that sounded intriguing. Unfortunately I had no funds left to donate, but I investigated further and was entranced. The small part I can do is to direct attention to the work of these talented artists, professional crafters of comics for DC in the past, and now working on an adventure on their own.

The Story Begins

In the first scene the action is already in full swing, with our heroine, soon revealed as the pirate (or privateer, as she prefers) Lady Sabre, fleeing from soldiers aboard an elegant dirigible. She is a sly, clever adventuress, with dashing sword skills and confidence galore. I was hooked instantly by her charisma. She dazzles the audience with daring and grace. And just as she makes her escape, boldly diving from the top of the airship to her own ship, a magnificent vessel of the Aether, the scene changes to our other main characters, leaving us hungry for more.

The Lawman

The next chapter opens in a completely different place, an old town resembling the Wild West. A tavern brawl is averted by Miles Drake, a Marshall who has been sent to arrest a cardsharp. Before he and his tracker, Keyton Drum, are able to secure the man in custody, they are attacked and their quarry is killed. However, they find a key on the body, and this is apparently the secret to the whole ordeal, though they don't understand it. Drake is an honest man, dedicated to the law, and is livid that he's been used, apparently, by a judge purchased by a mysterious entity. He will stop at nothing to ensure justice.

My Thoughts

As a webcomic, Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether ( is a relatively new entity. I was able to make my way through the archives and read the entire story in under two hours. The art is beautiful, the characters intriguing, the story captivating. I'm on tenterhooks awaiting the next update.

Comics is still a largely male-dominated industry, so a strong, confident female lead like Lady Sabre is refreshing and to be applauded. She does take her dress off early on, but really, who could swordfight in a skirt? When she's not in disguise, she wears sensible trousers like anyone who makes their living by the sword would.


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