Le Grand Voyage: A must watch!

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There are a lot of films that changes one's perspective on somethings...

Le Grand Voyage

Family is what builds society. It is the foundation of every individual. We first learn from them and they also made the person we are today. There are those whose relationships are close enough to be envied by others and there are those that are cold as ice. There are a lot of factors for a family to loosen their relationship among each other; it might be cause by long distance or rough environment, who knows. The movie of “Le Grand Voyage” teaches me two things, how to value our family despite of what they’ve done and that there’s no such thing as coincidence.
The story is about a father and son voyage whose relationship with each other is worst to imagine. Reda, the son, is a French-Moroccan teenager who reluctantly agrees to accompany his father on a pilgrimage to mecca. Somehow, someone is holding him back from going. As they embark on their journey they met some people that change their lives as well as their treatment towards each other. They learned a lot from their road trip just like how they managed to overcome their financial problem when they were tricked by a stranger they met along the way. The son had come to understand his father and as they eventually arrived in Mecca his respect for him grows. However, he was too late and regrets overwhelmed him but at the same time changed him for better.
We won’t know the value of someone until their gone, you shouldn't misunderstand your parents intention for it might be not to your liking but it’s definitely for your sake. Life is not to be underestimated. Someone who is beyond our gasp is pulling the strings of our fate, therefore there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything that comes and go into our lives has its purpose.


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