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This is all about a game that I love so much in general

Into the League

League of Legends is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed by Riot Games. It's a game where you and 4 ally champions (heroes) battle it out with 5 other champions from the enemy team and destroy the opposing team's nexus (their base).

It has such a diverse game play ranging from masteries and runes that give you an edge early in the game, to varying play styles and metas such as a team running a bruiser in the top lane and in the jungle, a caster or an assassin in the middle lane and an AD (Attack Damage) Carry and a support down the bottom lane.

The game has two in-game currencies IP (Influence Points) and RP (Riot Points), you can earn IP from playing games and there are First Win of the Day bonuses to help you on the grind meanwhile you can earn RP from buying it through monetary denominations ( eg., $5, $20). Both of these can be used to buy champions to use in game, rune pages and name changes. But there are currency specific purchases like skins for a specific champion which can only be bought for RP and runes to fill up your rune pages which can only be bought with IP.

The game is also noob-friendly and has a steady learning curve which practice makes you even better. It is definitely a game worth playing especially with friends around, and if you have a competitive side withing you, the LoL competitive scene is thriving right now and teams are in need of the best players who could play the game on an international level and earning big bucks for it.


League Of Legends, Lol

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13th May 2015 (#)

Sounds like an interesting game. =)

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14th May 2015 (#)

Though not much into gaming, I like your review - siva

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15th May 2015 (#)

Thanks guys

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