Learning to knit? Here are some books that will help you learn

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Here I am going to discuss knitting a bit. I will give you the when, and where of the first knitting article found in the world. I will talk about how we don't knit anymore and why you should learn. Then I will give you a review and names of some good learning to knit or beginners knitting books

The history of knitting

For those of you who are wondering who was the first skilled enough person to figure out knitting.We don't have names, but we do know that knitting began in Egypt. A piece of a knitted sock was found in Egypt. Scientists estimate it to be approximately two thousand years old.

Knitting in the 21st century

A lot of us in the beginning decades of the twenty-first century but our knitted sweaters, scarves and gloves. We buy them knitted from a company that probably uses a knitting machine. Companies make so many knitted items, like sweaters and vests in different colors. Then we have to remember these knitted items can go all over one country or the world.
It would be an impossible task to have human beings knit all the stock for the whole country.

How to get homemade knitted items

If you want a hand knitted sweater or scarf, try craft shows. They might be having a show located near you that sells different people's crafts. The craft show items are usually things that were made with love and homemade. Perhaps there is somebody who is selling handmade knitted items.
If you want handmade knitting and want something to do while you are sitting inside in these brutal temperatures, and more snow than you can measure, and then learn.
If you want a challenge and are going to learn to knit, know you will not be alone.
The Craft Yarn Council of America does survey at certain points throughout the year. These surveys are to see how many people are knitting or crocheting, or another yarn craft.
They must be happy to announce that the amount of individuals who are knitting has gone up quite a bit over the last decade. Now it does not matter your age or gender people are knitting. You might go to your favorite cafe for a fancy coffee and see a group of people at a table, maybe two tables knitting. These people get their specialty coffee, maybe a snack. Then they go to their table, sip their drink, talk and knit. That is the way people are occupying their time in this century.

The value of learning and knowing how to knit

If you learn to knit, it can be a challenge. But if you keep up with it and remember how to do it for years, you will be lucky. Why do I say you will have luck? You will have luck because just imagine you need a gift for grandma who is in her late eighties to nineties. What do you get her for her birthday? If she tells you that she has everything she needs, then you can knit her something. A nice warm, and toasty sweater for the intensely cold months she can wear during the day around the house. She will always remember you for thinking of her so kindly.

The book reviews for those that are for beginners and those learning to knit

Here the books you might want to take a trip to the library or bookstore to help you learn to knit.
Vogue Knitting: The ultimate knitting book
The book is a large, and thick book. Don't let its largeness scare you. In this book, you will learn the how-to's of knitting The thing you might find surprising is a section of the book that is arranged in dictionary order. No, this is not a regular dictionary. If you are looking for a book that will give you a list of all the stitches that a person that is learning or is new wants to learn, this is your book... The book also has a particular part that tells you common mistakes new knitters make and to figure out the right way to do it so your project will come out right.
This is a series of books that any new knitters would love to have.
Erika Knight, Knit & Purl 250 Stitches to Knit 250 stitches to knit
Erika Knight, Cables and Orans 250 stitches to knit
Lace and Eyelets 250 stitches to knit
Kate Halwell, Knit Edgings and Trims 150 stitches
Sharon Brant Colorwork Stitches 250 designs to knit
These pages of these books have two stitches per page and tells you how knit the two stitches chosen for that page and what a piece of it that is bigger using that stitch.
Look for an icon of a ball of yarn that will give you tips. And want to know if one of these books has the stitch you know you want to l; earn> Just look in the index.
These books were chosen for us by Kathleen Collins at the University of Washington's Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Williams learned to knit from library books herself.
Kathleen Collins New Wave Knitting 38 resources for a core collection
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