Lieutenant W. Leefe Robinson, V.C.

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The 1914-1918 war was over and my family had moved to a village outside of London. The only reminder of that war for us was the memorial of a young man, Lieutenant W. Leefe Robinson, V.C.

The Memorial

Walking past the village shops, we would meet a friend or two,
Our pleasant day would pass so well, and yet we always knew
A special place called out to us, where we would pause and stay
In the presence of a brave young man, true reverence to pay.

A monument, the bricks so white and flowers on the stones,
We did not know that this young man had died to save our homes,
His story now is fully told of which we were unaware
Of sorrow, pain and loneliness, away from loving care.

Leefe Robinson, a British pilot, flew in World War One
Just eighteen years of age, and his mother's second son.
His hopes, his loves, some joys and fears
Still to come to Leefe in a few short years.

1914-1918 War.

During nineteen hundred and sixteen, in the R.F.C.
Leefe would find an honored place in British history,
He brought down the Zeppelin airship, a silent raid
Of combat aircraft, an attack was ready to be made.

Capture of Lieutenant W. Leefe Robinson

Then in April of nineteen hundred and seventeen
Leefe found himself in events unseen,
Crashed in enemy territory so badly maimed
Caught in an escape, there he remained.

Leefe made several efforts to escape the camp
But his treatment became worse with each event.
Then with the Armitice signed but it was not for Leefe
He died with nightmares and deprived of sleep.

Leefe died on the night of 31st December 1918 from cardiac failure. He was only 23 years old.
England mourned the passing of one of the war's most popular heroes and hundreds attended the funeral which took place at Harrow Weald on Friday 3 January 1919.
The muffled bells of All Saints rang out 720 'Grandsire Doubles,' and Sergeant Major Murrell, Chief R.A.F. trumpeter, sounded the last post.

Commander Wilhelm Schramm

Commander Wilhelm Schramm and 15-man crew.
Of the Zeppelin were laid to rest, and yes we knew
They were honored as fighting men by the R.F.C.
Their funeral held with respect and empathy.

They had families and loves of their own
Their dear ones never would come home.
A memorial to Leefe keeps him close by
In our hearts he will never die.


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I attended the City Literary Institute in London and have a Royal Society of Arts Diploma in English Language.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
31st Oct 2011 (#)

Such an interesting read. Nice to learn something every day - and now I HAVE!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
31st Oct 2011 (#)

Very well done, Ivyevelyn. A fascinating read - and marvelous poetry. Thank you.

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author avatar Randy Duckworth
31st Oct 2011 (#)

Loved this page! A wonderful use of poetry to recount historical events! Great job, Ivyevelyn! :-) Thank you!

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
1st Nov 2011 (#)

Johnnydod. Thanks for approving this poem. I have tried to improve it with a few changes.

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author avatar Buzz
1st Nov 2011 (#)

Fond remembrance of, and a great tribute to, a young patriot and hero. Loved your write, Ivy!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
1st Nov 2011 (#)

Hi Ivyevelyn,

Great historical poem.
Lieutenant W. Leefe Robinson is truly a living legend and you've immortalized him in this wonderful poem.

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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Nov 2011 (#)

This is a wonderful poetic and factual tribute to a very brave man, Ivy..Congrats on your Star page!!! Well done my friend..\0/x

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author avatar Tranquilpen
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Ivi, you have captured the spirit of a great man eloquently, thank you for sharing and congratulations on a well earned star, BRAVO!

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author avatar Zach3000
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Congratulations on the star page. As to the question you asked me on my last article, please email me ( and I will answer your question.

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Awesome reading of the article. Thank you for sharing this great work. I have been interested in history and thanks for adding to it.

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
6th Nov 2011 (#)

Excellent tribute! :-)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
10th Nov 2011 (#)

This was plentiful in tribute, history and poetry... lovely...!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
10th Nov 2011 (#)

That word should be BEAUTIFUL not plentiful, thanks:0)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
27th Nov 2011 (#)

A lot of information.

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