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With the expose by Edward Snowden of the United States' NSA domestic spying program, people everywhere have been a little worried about their online security. With as easy as it is to be “flagged” for using certain keywords as “Bundy,” “Islam,” “gun control” or even bomb,” it's understandable why people would be nervous.

Can we even trust our current email services?

Anyone who's ever witnessed a government ideologue zealot at work knows the concerns are real.

Also, free email services like Yahoo and gmail have already been exposed as untrustworthy. Just a couple years back, Yahoo reported being hacked by a white-hatter who wanted to expose the gaping holes in the site's internal security. We all know gmail is known to sort through emails for the purposes of targeting advertisements.

All in all, I just don't trust them, either. In fact, I think they're all squirelly as hell, if you ask me. Which you didn't but, if you're still reading, I'll assume you agree.

We're being sold constantly

It's not just those spooks, either. There are also criminals to worry about. Real-life, real-world scumbags and thieves who will think nothing of draining anyone's account they can – and often law enforcement is powerless to do anything about it. And, let's not even mention how fast Zuckerberg would sell you all out for a few more pieces of gold. (Okay. I mentioned it. Sue me.)

So, DO SOMETHING about it for yourself!

Someone has provided an option

Some efforts have been underway for a while now to help our fellow Humans to close the backdoors used by our own domestic spies. Resetthenet.org has made a resounding, highly-successful effort to help educate the general public on how to help insure their own privacy and security.

Rather than signing up for some high-priced sham service offering to spoon-feed you your privacy (or outright lie about their own ) protect yourself. It's no joke. There really are people who will hurt you. There really are government jackboots who need to destroy the lives of others to “justify” their tax-funded paychecks.

So, in the interest of helping my fellow Human to get out from under-the-thumb of these criminals (even those in pretty suits) I introduce you you – Unseen.

They'll gladly tell you their own back-story. But I want to share they come out of Iceland, offer their email and messaging services for free (upgrades are available) and they don't really seem to care if they're upsetting the apple-carts of scumbags.

I like them! My kind of people!

As well, they offer functions which enable you to create your own communities and/or groups, which are actually secure. All for free. All. For. Free.

I get paid nothing for sharing the invitation link with you. But that's okay. I get paid by Bubblews for sharing good things. So, please accept my invitation to give yourself a bit of a break, please. Be free, because you were born free, from your first, living breath, in spite of anyone else's lies and self-deception.

Join me, here: unseen.is/donpennington. We don't even have to be friends. I'm sharing this, just because it's the right thing to do.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
21st Sep 2014 (#)

They say you find out about things at an appropriate time. Thanks for the info.

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author avatar Meena
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

We cannot trust traditional email anymore. Binfer is a great way to send secure email. It does not store emails anywhere so is very secure. http://www.binfer.com.

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