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A review of New lines films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy

The Fellowship of the Ring

This film starts the trilogy. In this Frodo and his companions discover the true power of the ring that belonged to Frodos uncle Billbo. They travel to one of the last elven stronghold in the wold of mortals to seek advice on what they should do, only to soon realize that the forces of darkness are already hot on there heels. Apon arriving in Rivendael they find that the ring is the prized position of the lord of all darkness in the world they make it their quest to destroy the ring by taking it to the vary fires it was forged in and destroying to free the would of man from the coming darkness.

The Two Towers

At the start of this film the fellowship has broken into two groups Frodo and Sam have continued on to Mordor to destroy the ring. Well the others have headed to Rohan to help defend its lands and people this this film contain some of the best action seines of the film and is well worth watching.

The Return of the King

The final film in the trilogy Frodo and Sam have made there way in to the lands of Mordor and closer to the fires of Mount Doom. As the other companions battle the growing forces of darkness to steam its rising tide so that the ring bearer can perform his duty.

This films well capable of standing on ther own are best watched in the trilogy. The films feature numerous stars and has won many awards and comindations. I highly recommend them for people who are fans of Tolkien’s works or just enjoy good movies.

Run time for all 3 films is 10 hours57 minutes.
All 3 films are rated PG-13


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author avatar Denise O
20th Mar 2011 (#)

Nice review. I enjoyed all the movies. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Artur Victoria
20th Mar 2011 (#)

Indeed – Great movies with a fantastic production and special effects!

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