MARVEL Avengers Movie Prequel Black Widow Strikes #1 to #3

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With the present Secret Wars 2015 meshing together the MARVEL multiverse into a single universe that means... nothing in regards to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. X and A still can't cross over due to who owns what, what little comics you get related to said movies are always prequels and this one... isn't really a prequel once you think about it. Seriously, how is this a prequel? Come on.

That Comic Book Addict Presents The MARVEL Cinematic Universe

With the recent call from the fandom for theatrical Black Widow to get her own movie in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe now would be a good time to bring up her first Avengers movie prequel comic mini, right? A comic that had pretty much nothing to do with the first Avengers movie as much as it related to Iron Man 1-2, basically was a story signifying nothing, and if you played a drinking game while reading it where you took a drink Everytime they did something titilating with Natasha in this comic... well put me in your will as your next if kin because you might not survive reading this three parter.

The basic gist of the story seemingly pits Black Widow against a woman named Sofia who is striving to be Black Widow' s dark counterpart, another Black Widow... only as you will see nothing comes of that and Sofia is dead in the most unsatisfying way possible by the end. While investigating a Russian arms dealer seemingly dabbling in Tony Stark levels of tech Natasha runs into Sofia, a darker more violent version of herself. It takes two issues to find out Sofia is interested in some Tony Stark level software acquired from comic continuity long time Stark rival Justin Hammer. You don't find out until the last issue that the software relates to the Jericho missile tech from the first Iron Nan movie, which ties into the Ten Rings Terrorists which has NOTHING to do with the C Chinese mastermind The Mandarin and his ten rings of power... because Cinematic Universe doesn't want to supposedly anger the Chinese... even if the Mandarian is a Doctor Doom (as in the GOOD kind of Doctor Doom) level high end villain The Chinese might totally dig... anyway alot signifying nothing.

The tech is sight by a white breast white guy who runs a business called Sojourn. In Issue #3, after acquiring the tech, he and Sofia plan to escape into space because.... they're going to see Thanos? I don't know. Anyway Black Widow shows up after a long issues fight through many Sojourn henchmen to fight Black Widow, only to end up dying when she is burned to death by the launching rocket of her idiot boss... which plot conveniently crashes and explodes wrapping up the story in a pointless bundle of meaningless nonsense that achieves nothing, signifies nothing, at best only ties into the first two Iron Man movies if not the first Avengers movie, and at best is only memorable for the good artwork and the fact it's a 3 issue T & A parade that really could have been better than what it was. A 2 out of 5.

Given the massive interest in the fandom at present for a Black Widow movie this really should have been something I should have been able to recommend to Black Widow fans. But given the overall over abundance of repeative pointless T & A (yeah she's hot but be something more than a long chain of scenes getting her to show off her assests between action sequences why don't you) with a story that doesn't really prelude the Avengers movie. Unless Sofia and breast were off to meet Thanos at the end I doubt this comic really had much if anything to do with the first Avengers movie. Yes, by the weakest of threads it tied into the first two Iron Man movies... and that's it. Just that. Nothing more or less.

And given how the next cinematic comic is, yes, ANOTHER prequel, this time of Ant Man, I don't see nothing changing in terms of how MARVEL runs the comic version of its Cinematic Universe, Secret Wars 2015 be damned.

Next time? While it's not tied to Anything cinematic we look at some Tomb Raider starting with her crossover comics with Witchblade... which, yes, is even more T & A than what we got with Black Widow here. Stay tuned.

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