Marvel Mangaverse Avengers Assemble One Shot

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Avengers Assemble!... an oft used name for many a Avengers title or project... join Zordon Stark and the Mighty Morphin Avengers fighting... Apocalypse... by assembling Iron Megazord for the fate of nothing... Ugh.

A New Old Comic Book Addict Review

Ugh. Yes this is as close you get to a tie in to New Dawn slash Eternity Twilight... and that's not saying much. Join decapitated head Tony Zordon Stark as he briefs the Avengers (President Captain butt ugly uniform America, Scarlet Witch, Kamen Vision thing and butt ugly Hawkeye) as they must fight over possession of Tony Stark' s Power Rangers Voltron combining vehicles against the forces of Girilla Apocalypse... butt ugly Archangel with tiny wings, metrosexual Sinister, horrid Mega Man ripoff Juggernaut and disappointing White Queen... until city sized Apocalyse Gorilla shows up (today's secret word is kaiju) as the Avengers Assemble their giant Megazord Ultimate Iron Man (no doubt complete with mega drinking problem... just like Ultimate Iron Man). They defeat Apocalypse and fly off to face the Godzilla Hulk, the end.

Ugh. Why is Tony Stark a decapitated talking head. Why is Vision looking like a rejected Kamen Rider design, why metrosexual Sinister, why megazord Iron Voltron thing... WHY!! And none bigger than WHY APOCALYPSE!! Don't the Avengers have enough of their own villains as to not fight an X Villain? Come on.

A long long rambling chain of fighting and nonsense I regretted reviewing, yet not quite a Jigglypuff... a 1 out of 5. Still not yet the worst of the lot... that's coming up.

Next up is Fantastic Four... oh joy... it's (Adam) Warren Time... be still my inability to care.

Your turn. Marvel Mangaverse and Avengers.

Ok your turn. The Marvel Mangaverse and Avengers. Comment below, no flaming please, and thank you.

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