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The article is about this book and others in the series and how it/they have helped me understand some of the differences between men and women.

Understanding the difference between men and women

I recently discovered this series of books written by the author John Gray. For those of you who may not have heard about him or his books, they are basically books that help people in a relationship understand each other better. I am currently reading his book called "Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice". All of John Gray's books deal with the concept that men and women are very different from each other and hence the reference to women being from venus and men from mars.

This particular book helps us understand among other things, how men and women deal with stress. In simple terms the author explains why men do certain things (that often tend to irritate or upset the woman in their life) and why women do a few things that many a times the man in their life finds hard to figure out. The book goes on to explain how we can overcome these differences or rather how we can approach them differently so that instead of being a stumbling block in the relationship, they can become power blocks to something even better.

What actually prompted me to read this book in the first place is the fact that it talked about stress and how men and women deal with it differently. And what prompted me to write this article is a sudden stroke or realization!!! When I hear or read about women who are in unhappy, abusive relationships I have often asked myself "Why won't they get out of the relationship if it hurts so much?" (I know this is a whole lot easier said than done.) Even though I have watched TV shows like the Dr. Phil Show where women have explained why they still go on instead of opting out, I have still been baffled about the 'why?' aspect. Today while reading this book, I came across something that helped me better understand the reasoning behind this. I quote, " ... as she gives more of herself without getting her needs fulfilled, her oxytocin levels begin to drop. You think she would stop and say, "Hey! Enough! I can't keep doing this!" But, unless she takes deliberate action to stop the cycle, she will feel a compulsive urge to give more ......" [Taken from the book "Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice. Hormonal balance - The key to life, love and energy" by John Gray). This really got me thinking and hence I thought I would share it.

The series has other books that deal with the difference between men and women and how they react and relate to life's different situations. There is even one called 'Mars and Venus in the Bedroom' - which explains our differences with regards love and passion. So if you are looking for a deeper insight into the differences between the sexes, you might want to give these books a try. I found them in my local library, I'm sure you will too. And if you do decide to pick one up, I hope you gain some valuable insights like I did. Happy Reading!!!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Nov 2013 (#)

Men and women are almost same but differ a lot in our approach to life! siva

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