"Men of Honor" Movie Summary

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This is a movie summary for Men of Honor, the story U.S. Navy Diver Carl Harshest.

Men of Honor

Men of Honor is a movie abour Carl Brahsear a U.S. Navy Diver. The movie is based on a true story.

Brashear was born in rural Kentucky in the 1930's and manage to make a success story from his humble beginning. He grew up poor but manage to make a nice living for himself. Once becoming of age Brashear entered the military only to become a Steward. He got his big break when he decided to swim in the ocean. When Brasher entered the Navy the military was segregated, African-Americans and White Americans could not swim with each other, but Brashear decided that he would swim anyway.

Brashear was promoted to Boatswain Mate but his next step was next step was gettiing into diving school fulfill his dream of becoming a Navy Diver. That would be more challenging, no black man had never got into diving school. He is not allowed entrance but after a verbal confrontation with Chief Sunday, his instructor. Brashear was falling behind his peers but he gets help from a library worker name Jo. With her help he passes his classes. However, Carl has to deal with a bigger problem completing his physical exam. Brashear had to assemble an object underwater. Brahear's tool bag was cut open and his supplies were scattered across the river. Brashear did not give up he found all his tools and put together his object in 9 hours and 13 minutes.

While in diving school Brashear experienced racial discrimination and all his barrack mates moved out because he was Black. His instructor tried to force him away but Brashear never gave in, he stood his ground. Brashear motivated himself by a motto his father taught him "Be The Best". Brahear had a extradionary career in the military making many discoveries of dead bodies and many other things in the ocean. However, Brashear faced adversity once, after discovering a bomb in the ocean a metal the line was about to break he pushed a few others out the way but his leg recieved the injury.

Brashear was then hospitalize and many people expected him to retire, but Brashear wanted his leg amputated and have a prosthetic leg replace his actual leg. It took some convincing but he manage to ger a meeting with the Naval Personnel. Brashear had been training with Sunday, the same man that wanted him to fail diving school. Sunday provided him with the tough love and support he needed to complete a physical test inorder to return to work. In order to remain on active duty Brashaer had to take 12 steps in diving equipment, with no help. Brashear take the 12 steps and reinstated.

I really like this movie. Brashear's life story can be a example for many other young people. Brashear came from humble beginnings and beat the odds. I like the message the movie has to offer.

You can watch the movie at the following link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27mcsv5b-7c.


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