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Review of 33 min documentary hosted by David Wilcock on Gaiam-TV's "Wisdom Teachings" #110, about Danny Ben Or's scientific studies about how prayer heals

What does Amen mean?

Amon might be the NAME of a Mesopotamian god but it may also have been a practice of prayer to trust the mother and evolved into a custom of prayer including the word (AMN) with various vowels, AMUN, AMAN, AMON, etc. AM (pronounced in Hebrew today as “AIM”) is mother, IMA is a variation of that (Mommy), and “Amen” could also mean “praise the Goddess” or “trust Mom” A.M.N. (אמון) means trust in Hebrew*

Art would seem to indicate the creator was not male at all, Babylonians worshipped a Goddess, who became Artemis, Athena, Ceres, Demeter, Diana, Gaia, Hera, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Lakshmi, Maat, Rhea, Venus to mention only a few... and in a way is still symbolized by Queen Elizabeth. I notice ancient Israelites (my ancestors) had no ruling queens.

“Ben Or” (בן אור) means son of light in Hebrew. Photons go to where we radiate them or come from where we absorb them. If we suck out someone else’s light we get ours sucked out in equal measure. If we pray for someone to get a headache, we get a headache. I can testify this always works. 100% of the time, because those I pray for ask for the prayers.

Leaning into the Light

I grow medicine plants. They like to be in pairs. There are growing tips all over each individual plant like a Christmas tree. I direct light to particular plants now. My own spiritual light as well as actual electrical lights. I point the light at the plant. If I do not point light, the plant leans over toward the light, they all do that. If there is no electric light, the plant leans way over to catch any sunlight it can sense, from any window. The tips do point at each other reinforcing not just light but a certain rhythm, a certain beat that they need to grow. This might be like their favorite music, it helps them be healthy. Plants hum to each other all day, it helps them cope, and they produce more. Single plants alone do not produce as much. Some plants do not want to grow anymore, they reach four feet then die, and they do not bloom. This 36% that Danny Ben Or talks about which “Big Pharma” (drugs treat the unreceptive to prayer) focuses on is like that. One cannot pray for someone to live if their free will choice is to leave that body and go to another body. Those people also die on drugs, and Big Pharma does not like to discuss that. If someone has a death wish that is their wish, nothing can save them. If the person does not want light, spiritual light given by prayer will be rejected. This could be the case of Bobbi Christina Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter. She does not want to die but she does not want to wake up either, despite much prayer being sent to her every day by many people.

I do find I create "static" on the fiber optic cable when I lower my vibration to "match" those with a lower vibration. Sometimes that starts out as empathy, I am not sad but a friend is, so I empathize until I am crying and he is all better. We get sucked in, or sometimes it starts out as healing, we lose our identity and fall in to the lower vibration pattern and forget who and what we already know. I had a friend who was so good at sucking at one point I paid his bill instead of paying my own and did not have money for myself because I used up my allowance on him. It’s not always so obvious, but many of us do this all the time, for loved ones, bosses, people we pity...of course we must heal ourselves and protect our own happiness, our own light. If we do not protect our own light, we have ultimately nothing to give but more shadow.

Are we sending light to one another in prayer?

Pineal = photon capacitor?

I have been doing sun gazing for 6-8 weeks and I get to a point in the meditation (sun yoga) that I am flooded with light. It is easier at dawn, alone to do this. I think of it in two ways: 1. intimacy with my creator; 2. charging the capacitor. The capacitor is a battery. The pineal is a solar panel, similar to crystal panels we put outside on rooftops now. We raise the level of energy in the pineal by gazing at the right times, not overdoing it, until it is fully charged. HRM** says it takes about 90 days to fully charge, doing a little every day. Then we can handle dark shadows wherever those come from. If we get distracted into changing our station or manipulated into draining our pineal, we have to go recharge it until our focus is like a laser, and why is a laser so powerful?

Some internet “advice” will tell you to consult with a medical doctor. I do not do that. Medical doctors do not know anything about this. You may find your health improving without their services and this makes the vast majority of medical doctors feel stupid and incompetent. Putting a medical doctor on the spot is only going to get you their discouragement and more stern warnings designed to make you afraid. The only fear here is of them losing your medical payments. My eye doctor told me last month that flashing light is a symptom of heart disease and diabetes or detaching cornea and if I saw light I should rush back to her. I scoffed. She smiled knowingly.

I found that when I went to the eye doctor to replace broken spectacles, the prescription was weaker than it had been for decades, following a standardized test using cutting edge equipment this year and three years ago. The doctor had no explanation and did not know I sun gaze. I now wear spectacles only 50% of the time (for driving automobile per license condition and for reading fine print on computer screens). For instance, I can watch a 2 hour movie without spectacles. I can read a book and cook a meal without spectacles. I can also walk the dog and hike on a familiar trail without any spectacles and often without being thirsty or tired now. My weight is still about 30# higher than I would like, but I have taken off 50# and kept it off without dieting, hunger or discomfort, and after battling with obesity for most of my life, successful weight loss at age 56 is a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps our purpose as beings of light is to hold more light for those in the shadows until they realize they can go toward light as well. Like holding a torch for someone in a dark hall, they see which way to walk, but still walk on their own, make their own choices to walk in a particular direction, on a particular path. We are the streetlamp.

*from Semitic root A-M-N "to be trustworthy, confirm, support." But Aleph Mem without the last letter (Nun) means Mother.



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21st Apr 2015 (#)

Fascinating article. By the way, my guru's name is AMMA (which means MOther in Malayalam) :)

Great that you're doing sun gazing :)

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

It helps! Great that you support it!!

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Goddess worship has been buried by men, but we're finding the truth one grain of sand at a time. Where is AMMA?

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