Modern Home Appliances: Review of InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer

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The InSinkErator is a wonderful kitchen utility appliance. It helps one maintain a clean kitchen and disposes of chicken bones too without any hassles. The problems one had with messy disposal bags is finally over. The unit is small and fits snugly in a corner under the sink. Now technology matches utility perfectly.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

It is a wonderful idea to have a waste disposer in your kitchen. To improve the hygiene in the kitchen, one has to separate the garbage from the cleaning area. The InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer effectively takes care of all your food left overs, chicken bones and vegetable rinds.
The overall popularity of this unit stems from its ease in installation and compact size. Once installed everyone has absolute peace of mind. This is the most effective way of keeping your kitchen clean.

InSinkErator Product details

Technical Details
Weight of single unit: 14 pounds
Item Name: Badger 5
Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 13 inches
Place of manufacture: USA
Voltage: 120.00 V
Horsepower: 0.50 HP
Frequency: 60Hz
RPM: 1725
Warranty: In-home service warranty; 2 year parts warranty
Average usage of Electricity: 3-4 KWh annually
General Description
Water required: 1 gallon per person per day
Color: Grey Enamel finish
Construction: Galvanized steel
Grind chamber Capacity: 26 oz.
Drain Connector: 1 ” cushioned slip joint
Connection to dishwasher: separate
Price: $77.14 (discounted from $188.82)

Advantages of the InSinkErator disposer

Small size
Easy installing procedure
No great power consumption
No elaborate maintenance required
Trouble free service for years
When you compare this to the other kitchen appliances, you find that operating a disposer is simple. One operates this for a relatively short amount of time and so the power consumed is less. The quantity of water that one uses for this disposer, amounts to approximately 1 gallon per person everyday. This amount is only 0.85% of the total water that an average family uses.

Principle of Operation

Big pieces of food material that will not go down the sink needs to be disposed off separately. Packing them into bags and carrying them to the yard is tedious. With this Food Waste Disposer, you do not have to go through all this trouble. You just put your chicken legs, meat bones and other huge food waste into the disposer.
When you turn on the motor, the mechanism inside breaks down the large pieces and they become watery slush. This will go down the sink without any hassles. This makes the environment cleaner and safer too.

Opinion of Customers regarding this Waste Disposer

Many were happy to get a unit for this price. The kitchen utility device posed no problems but the customer has to make the connection manually. Power cord provision is absent. One can easily do the wiring. A few had complained saying that the unit developed cracks though the usage was not heavy.
Most of the customers were happy to get such a heavy disposal unit for such a low price. They said that it compared favorably with the other brands in the market.

Cons of this Disposer

A leak could develop after some time, say in a couple of years. This is however, due to faulty plumbing more than a defect of the disposer.

In Summary

The InSinkErator manufactures the InSinkErator Badger Food Waste Disposer. It also makes related products such as water dispensers, food waste disposers, home water filtration systems, garbage disposers and small kitchen appliances. A house is complete when one has competed the last work. The garbage disposal now eliminates this task and provides immense relief.

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