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The Android market is currently on the rise featuring superb call quality and innovative multimedia features all in one device. But an Android smartphone is more than just calls; its powerful operating system allows developers to create outstanding apps boosting the fun to the limits. The list is massive with hundreds of music, game, video, chat, social networking, news, sports, email, maps and educative apps.

1. Music

- Shazam
Shazam is the ultimate music app. When having problems identifying a great song, then Shazam is here to help you. All you have to do is to launch the app, hold your phone close to the sound source for at least 15 seconds until it get a clear sample and the program will come up with the artist name, title of the song and album. Moreover, if there is a video on YouTube for it, it will automatically link you to it. You can even tag it and purchase it later on from the Amazon MP3 store.

- SoundHound
Soundhound is similar in idea to Shazam. It also finds the song’s title and artist, tags it, finds the YouTube video, but also gives you lyrics if available as well as its rank in the ‘Trend Charts’ based on other users entries. But its best feature is that you can sing instead or hum without needing the original recorded tune.

- iMusic
The iMusic app gives you access to millions of free MP3s. Browse in its vast library and choose to either play or download the song you like.

- Pandora
Pandora Radio is one of the most popular apps for Android and iPhone smartphones. All you have to do is to save your favorite artist or song and Pandora will create the ideal station for you. And if you choose to skip a song that you do not like, the program will automatically change the music genre to make the most suitable radio stations for you!

- Slacker Radio
Ever dreamt of owning your personal radio station? Of listening to the songs that you and only you like the most? Then Slacker Radio is ideal for you! Based on your playlists, Slacker Radio finds the station that best suits your music preferences. Moreover, Slacker Radio gives you full details of the song title, artist bio and review.

2. Games

- Mystique
Mystique is one of the most exciting and highly addictive Android puzzle games. Your character is found locked in a room and you need to find a way to lead him to freedom. Search thoroughly the room, find the tools and objects that may help you, think smart and help your character escape. Due to the immense popularity of the first chapter, a new one is currently released promising to boost your thrill and adrenaline off the limits.

- Parallel Kingdom
Parallel Kingdom is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes full advantage of the Android GPS system. Adjusting the GPS signal to Google Maps, the game places you inside a virtual world based on your current location. You can collect items, battle opponents and virtual monsters, explore the city, fully interact with real players in mini games or even create your own city.

- Jewellust
Jewellust is a popular game developed by Smartpix Games. Vivid colors, rich graphics, different modes, bonus items and remarkable features create an addictive game that you simply cannot stop playing. The gameplay is simple even though it demands a great deal of strategy. Make rows of three or four jewels of the same color and watch them explode while successfully completing levels.

- Sketch Online
Love Pictionary? Download and install Sketch Online, choose a picture and enter a chat room. You get to choose the colors, brushes, pencil sizes and more. Do your best, lead other players to guess right and win points. Once you start playing, you will find it really hard to let go.

3. Social Networking

- Facebook
Download Facebook for your Android phone and stay connected to the world anytime, anyplace. Set your status, check your emails, write to your friends’ walls, upload pictures, videos and links and manage your friend requests and profile over your Android. Facebook will never be the same again!

- Twitter
Why miss the latest tweets? Why stop tweeting once you leave home? Why wait to go back and let other know about your latest activities? Twitter for Android is here to help you share your thoughts, emotions and upload videos, text, photos and links directly from your phone!

- Foursquare
The new amazing app is finally here for your Android phone! Download and install the Foursquare app and explore the city! Using your phone’s GPS system, Foursquare tracks your current location and add points to your account. Every time you check into your favorite café, restaurant, shopping center, bar or any other place you love to visit, you get rewarded with one point. The more points you have, the largest possibilities you have to earn badges and become ‘Foursquare Mayor’ of your favorite location!

4. Utilities

- Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a killing app that only iPhone users had the change to use until now. Finally, Hootsuite is available to Android phones giving its customers the change to manage multiple accounts, add followers to your social networking sites, share photos and links, notification pop-ups if browsing other pages and use the enhanced search engine.

- PdaNet
PdaNet is the ideal app to enable you tether your Android without jailbreaking your phone. Supporting USB and Bluetooth tether, it is an amazing app that allows fast and stable internet access either when using your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Connect your Android to your laptop, camera and game console and serf to the internet!

- TasKiller
Bored of having to close all the running apps one at a time? Bored of waiting for each app to close while starring at the frozen screen? Install TasKiller and ‘kill’ all running apps with a tap of a button!

- Weather Channel

Weather Channel offers you all the latest weather updates right to your Android! As the official site suggests ‘Take the weather with you’ getting detailed info about forecasts wherever you are.

- Opera Mini
Opera Mini is one of the fastest mobile browsers available. With enhanced features such as Speed Dial, zoom, super smooth and fast browsing and improved navigation bar, Opera Mini is highly popular measuring millions of daily active users worldwide.

Android apps have taken the world by storm. Choose the ones you wish and enjoy a new and enhanced mobile experience.


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