Movie Review: Zameen (Bollywood-2003)

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My personal movie review of an action movie- Zameen (2013)

The Movie backdrop

While reviews of super hit movies as well as Award winning movies do make for good reading and good writing material, we all do have some favorites of ours which do not fit into the two above mentioned categories. Among one such movie which as per me was well made, but did not become super hit or super-popular for whatever reasons is a 2003 Movie which was the directorial venture of now famous Bollywood director Rohit Shetty, and produced by N.R.Pachisia- Zameen.
This movie starred Abhishek Bacchan, Ajay Devgan and Bipasha Basu in lead along with some other experienced actors. The movie also has Mukesh Tiwari portraying a big negative role.

The movie was supposedly based on the 1999 hijacking of an Indian Airlines Flight 814 commonly known as IC 814.
Yet the story differs a lot and has a lot of action as well as showcases the tense political situation between India and Pakistan who have had conflicts in the past.

Movie Plot in Brief

ACP Jaidev Malhotra (played by Abhishek Bachchan) recalls an unforgettable and humiliating experience from his past and gets frequently disturbed when sleeping. The incident he recalls relates to his negligence out of fear of losing his life when taking on a group of terrorists and causing loss of lives of 9 of the army soldiers. Jaidev was an Army Officer then. Colonel Ranvir Singh Ranawat (Ajay Devgan), his superior takes him to task, and asks him to resign. Before letting him go, he says (I may be a bit off the mark here) :
"Ho Sake to kabhi aisa kuch zindagi mein karna ki apne se aankh mila sako". ("If Possible, do something in your life after which you can see yourself proudly in a mirror, without shame").

ACP Jaidev is now keen to get over his past. Meanwhile, Colonel Ranvir manages to catch a Terror Ring-leader Baba Zaheer Khan (Mukesh Tiwari) for his role in a big terror incident.

An Islamic terrorist group recruits a group of men to try to spring Baba Zaheer from prison. Yet, their plans go in vain as they are thwarted by Jaidev in Mumbai. The group is now desperate, and they now hijack an Indian Airlines plane, en route from Mumbai to Kathmandu, with Jaidev's wife, Nandini (Bipasha Basu), an In-Flight Supervisor, on board. The plane, with 107 passengers and crew, is re-routed to Kazan in Pakistan-administered Kashmir where they are met with more armed terrorists as well as the Pakistani army.

Together, they demand the release of Baba Zaheer in exchange for the lives of the passengers. The Army and the Indian police collaborate and both Ranvir and Jaidev are asked to work together. Ranvir is first not so comfortable working with Jaidev. However, he slowly realizes that Jaidev is putting great efforts with honesty to get over his past mistake.

However, they have a army person in their team who leaks plans frequently. He is later caught red handed, but consumes poison and kills himself. Ranvir and Jaidev make a master plan and use disguised commandoes to take on the terrorists as well as rescue the hostages. Baba Zaheer and his accomplices get killed.

The plot of this movie is inspired by the rescue mission taken by the IDF in 1976 at Entebbe, Uganda, where the IDF rescued 102 hostages taken by the PLO and the Neo-Nazis.

Zameen - A scene from the Movie:

A Personal Opinion

The movie has a tight script and moves at a fast pace. A few songs are quite catchy like:
"Tere Sang Ek fiki si Coffee", "Dilli Ki Sardi".
Ajay Devgan stands out for his performance as an Army Officer with his serious looks, aggression and to the point dialogues. I also admire Mohan Joshi as the Army officer. I have always felt he has been a great actor. Abhishek Bacchan is also good, and personally I feel he is more suitable for an action role than romantic ones. Mukesh Tiwari though fine could have acted a bit better.
The action is good, though a few things could be forgiven for Bollywood does has some cliches and not everything should be seen from practicality. A chase scene in Mumbai stands out for its near realistic depiction.

Overall, it is a good entertainer, and at least a one time watch, though I can watch it again and again, with a bias:)

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Great write up nice to read about the movie.

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Next one Taare Zameen Par. Shub Shub jeo. Geo ke saath.

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