Movie Time: Mission Impossible IV: The Ghost Protocol(2011)

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Throw in Big Hollywood stars, directors, a top espionage team which has been disowned and has to redeem itself without any support, and maniac terror mastermind, and great fireworks and action is what you expect- well this is what MI4: The Ghost protocol is all about!

The Movie : Mission Impossible IV: The Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) and his team of IMF (an International espionage group) are sent on a secret mission to Kremlin in Russia. They have to get the identity of the terrorist Kurt Hendricks, a.k.a. Cobalt, but things go wrong.

Cobalt gets Kremlin bombed and Ethan and his team are blamed. Ethan, along with his team manages to escape.
The team is disowned and a "Ghost Protocol" is invoked.
However, Ethan and his team does not give up and they first travel to Dubai and then to Mumbai to battle Cobalt and his people, and avoid a catastrophic nuclear missile attack that could trigger a nuclear war.
On this mission, Ethan and his team performs risky stunts, do a lot of hacking and plotting and emerge winners in the end.

My Movie Opinion: What I like and some observations

The Movie scores heavily in terms of breathtaking stunts. The standouts are Tom Cruise's climbing many floors on the windows of Dubai's Burj Dubai, and then his terrific jump.

Then his chase in the deadly sandstorm of Dubai where visibility is near zero is also quite outstanding, though a bit unrealistic.
The way his teams manages to evade and make a fool of some of the terrorists in Dubai is also quite gripping.

Anil Kapoor has quite a short role too, but I believe that he will get more chances in Hollywood in the coming years.

A few observations about Mumbai's depiction though:

  1. The kind of multi-level parking shown in Mumbai seemed to be like from some other country.
  2. In India, we have right hand driven vehicles and Tom Cruise is shown driving a left handed big size vehicle with ease. Some roads do seem like as if from India, but some other roads made me believe that these scenes were shot somewhere else.
  3. The cars seemed to have alpha numeric numbers like A213, HA170, but in India we have numbers like
  4. DL 4C AC 2014, KA 08 3001 etc, i.e states or UTs first and then Alpha Numeric numbers.

However, it is ok overall, and I believe this action movie is a one time watch.

A Movie Video to enjoy :

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
4th Sep 2015 (#)

Ptrikha, this is a great review and I would love to see this movie. Thank you for sharing this article and I'm going to share it on my twitter account.

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author avatar Ptrikha
5th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks a lot NANCY and I do enjoy your story series a lot too.

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author avatar M G Singh
5th Sep 2015 (#)

We'll written review of a thrilling movie. I like the movie

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author avatar Ptrikha
5th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks Madan.

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author avatar brendamarie
18th Sep 2015 (#)

amazing review sounds like a great movie

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author avatar Ptrikha
20th Sep 2015 (#)

Not very great but quite thrilling

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