Music Review: Simon Werner a Disparu by Sonic Youth

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Music Review of the soundtrack of the french movie Simon Werner a Disparu by Sonic Youth

Music Review: Simon Werner a Disparu by Sonic Youth

Genre: Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Sountrack.

Writing a music review for an OST without watchin the movie can be difficult, but the music of the movie ‘Simon Werner a Disparu’ is so compelling that I had to give it a shot. This might be the first movie I could watch just for its music. This album by the Sonic Youth starts with a rather eerie track ‘Theme de Jeremie’. Just like the rest of the album the track eases out. The guitar becomes rather smooth and easy on the ears. But the album is still very Sonic. That is the word and it is playful with a variety of sounds. Tracks range from bassy to rhythmic to melodious and to electronic. The album and songs fluctuate between being surreal and soothing.

Every track has very very good transitions. The transitions take the songs to different levels. The exploration is unnerving. Some songs start of very peacefully and build the noise steadily. There seems to be no hurry in this album. This album has the strange ability to hold your attention without rushing the music ahead. The compositions fill the space with sound and wait until the music seeps into you.

The songs have a sense of thrill in them, pausing, and then cautiously building the climax. I guess some characteristics in the album betray the fact that it was indeed composed for a movie. But most of the album shows no sign of being a part of a movie.

‘Les Anges au piano’ is a soothing track sandwiched between two tracks that fasten your pulse. Songs like ‘Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre’ built a lot of drama during the song and end with a promise of finding that missing piece in the puzzle in the next song!

The album is rich in electronic sound to too. Most of the sounds in the album seem more meaningful than the bands noise rock-ish reputation! All in all it is not only an excellent soundtrack but also a splendid stand alone instrumental.


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