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I get to understand that when you buy a product from off the internet, out of a catalog or at the store you can return it at any time as long as you have the receipt well this is my story.......


I believe that if you are going to give a review on an item you must give your honest opinion about the product you’re reviewing. First of all you must at least try the product first before you actually give a review. Below is my review on *Sauna pants*

*Sauna Pants*

At first when I look at it in the book, I thought what the heck it’s cheap enough I am going to try it. I went against my boyfriend and my son’s advice not to buy the product. It came in a box that looks like they had if for years it was all torn up but the item was fairly new.
When I took it out of the box I notice something different about it right away. It had a big box attached to the right hand side with an electric card that needs to be plugged in. So I went for the book of which I bought the item from and started comparing it to the one I saw in the catalog and the pants in the book looks completely different from the product they send me.

The picture in the book didn’t have any temperature box attached to it and there wasn’t any electric cord on it either. To be honest if I had seen this I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. So what they really do is say all this wonderful things about the product just to get you to purchase their items.

Information about the product that was written in the catalog

The name of the product was *Sauna pants* this is what they wrote about the product in the book:
“Melt away pounds in areas you need the most like hips, waist, butts and thighs with these slimming sauna shorts. They retain body heat to help you sweat off the pounds while sitting and relaxing or when wearing them anywhere. Simply wear them under your clothes to see thinner thighs a shapelier butt and thinner hips. One size adjusts to fit waists from 28” to 48”. Three adjustable magic cling straps at the thighs and waist give you a comfortable fit”. Bla- bla bla…


So I figured, I already bought it, let me at least see if it does all the things that they say it will do. I had a hard time adjusting the pants around my waist. When I put it around my waist I had to also use another belt to keep it from falling off and my waist was only 32 inches.

Then when I read the instructions for the product it says that you will get red marks on your skins for the first 30 days. And when you plug it in you MUST not sit down, you have to be STANDING up or lying down. Now that is not what they said about the product in the catalog. Well, the only thing that really works was the heat when you plug it in, but then you have to quickly plug it out after 5 minutes. This is a product that I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. If I was rating this product out of ten I would give it one.


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author avatar Elham
20th Jun 2013 (#)

thanx for the review. Now, I'm sure I'm not gonna buy it.

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