My Interest in The Matrix

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The Matrix is an introduction to education of our Perception, not really what is right and wrong but to see things in a new way.

We're Born Into the World of Matrix

When I think back to when the movie came out or the first one The Matrix, I saw it because it was cool to be on the wave of something a bit different than other movies, the blue and the green worlds, and it was at first little difficult to know the difference of what was real, and what was considered imaginative. Let me then give a view of why I felt that way. The Matrix begins in The Matrix, in the system as I would speak of it, we see Thomas Anderson as the computer programmer and his daily life, in our perception it would probably be considered the daily and dull life, he use his time every day on his job and just before Morpheus come in contact with Mr. Anderson, and he meets Trinity and after a night out about with the message from the computerscreen: follow the white rabbit, his curiosity leads him to Trinity and eventually Morpheus but over phone. he risks his time on the job because he feels pushed to the limit by FBI or as we later see it as agents, he tries to escape them, but FEAR stops him, False Evidence Appears Real. Now he wakes up several times is finally being called up by Morpheus and offered to meet him, then he is picked up by Trinity, Switch and Apoc, and is almost on his way back to where he was before, but is convinced he should not go there, he know what is there and how it is, he continues the new way and is met by Morpheus, and introduction begins with a sort of rebirth.

Intro to New belief

Training program begins and as Morpheus sense Neo’s belief and his own info can come across, Morpheus’ information at a certain point and he begins to deny and want out of the training, Neo experiences a shock on the nerves as the new information is not in harmony with his current belief or info in his subconscious mind.

End of New Belief

Like any other movies and real life, any politicians is represented as people of the Matrix, as the peaceful freemasons, Morpheus tries and does his best job to convince Neo that he is The One, and as Neo goes along he realizes little after little as he is confronted by the new information, that he might be able to do more than what he believed in before. He is also confronted by Agent Smith and begins to believe he can do more. The Matrix is the concept of being born into a new beliefsystem.


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