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Love comes in many different ways and many times in the most unusual way.

My little tresure

The day to upgrade my faithful little car finally arrived. Ouk, a gorgeous little Ford Hatchback Laser had been with me for exactly thirteen years and in all this time she had been the best friend I had ever had. Not once did she leave me stranded; not even with a flat tyre. If things were starting to wear out, she would let me know with little growls and grumbles but waited patiently until I could take her and get her looked after. We were together so much on our everyday trips from home to work and back and all the other destinations.

always reliable

Every time I turned the ignition, she never let me down, instead she always greeted me with her soft purring motor; just like a kitten. She always kept her cool and never overheated to show her frustration when I pushed her over the limit: she was a gem.

Time to change

Alas, the day came when I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life; Ouk had to be replaced. The decision was not taken lightly but my left knee could no longer take the strain of changing gears: the dreaded automatic had to be her successor.
Feeling more like a traitor then a sensible person I confided to my neighbour my intention of having to upgrade to an automatic. To my surprise she asked if I could pass Ouk over to her as she was looking for a small manual car.

You never know how things turn out

Do I need to go any further? I can still see Ouk every day. She still looks beautiful and shiny in my neighbour’s driveway, and I would go as far as saying-very contented not to have to drive the endless kilometres shed did with me.
My new car which I have named Electra now sits in my driveway looking very spiffy and new. She knows that I like her automatic transmission a lot( or should I say my knee does) but it will be a while before we can become friends; first she has to prove herself to be as great as what Ouk was.


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author avatar Natraj
10th Jan 2015 (#)

You have wonderful car for 13 very long years. Nice sharing

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author avatar Tinka
10th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks Actually I still miss her very much

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author avatar MaryBatman
10th Jan 2015 (#)

Ouk still loves you...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Tinka, great article and thanks for sharing it.

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