My Love of Books Part One

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My love of the written word and how much I enjoy a good book. How I read and what I read and why.

Part One of My Love of Books

I have some trouble with my eyes so I don't read as much as I used to. Back in the 70's I could read two books at once. Allergies make them crust over at night and I have to work to get them cleared the next day. Eye spray and water is about it.

I usually had a non-fiction one going and a fictional one back in the 70's. The fiction one was usually a romance and light enough I could read it and keep track while enthrolled by the non-fiction topic. It was usually on writing or true crime so I was more able to keep track of it too. But those days are gone. My memory is shot.

Oh, I still read a book now and then but not like I used to. I remember spending the summer with my BFF in Oklahoma and she was a big sci-fi buff. She turned me on to such authors as Zimmerman Bradley,Ray Bradbury, Robert E. Howard, Andre Norton, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. When I started reading the Mar series and its first one called "A Princess of Mars" I was transferred to a world I had never known anything like before in the world of fiction. I remember I went to the nearby park with book in hand in late morning and didn't come home until it was dark. I had finished the book and was excited to discuss it all with my BFF.

Edgar Rice Burroughs also wrote Tarzan and I remember reading the first one where it tells of how the apes find him and what's left of his family after the ship crash I believe it was. Ghee, it's only been about fourty years since I read it!

He started the cliff hanger stories. He would describe this wonderful world, get you involved in the adventures of the main character and then drop you off leaving you wondering until the next installment. What a great way of writing and getting the reader involved.

He wrote the Mars series, the Tarzan series, The Land That Time Forgot, Pallucidar, Carson of Venus, etc. He even went to the stone age with his imagination. He was a great author. If you haven't read any of his works you might check him out. You won't be sorry.


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author avatar Retired
8th Apr 2015 (#)

It's people like you who keep librarians like me in business!

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
9th Apr 2015 (#)

Indeed it is. LOL

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author avatar Kingwell
13th Apr 2015 (#)

I have always been a lover of books but like you I no longer read as I once did. I have a son who is rarely seen without a book lol! Blessings.

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
16th Apr 2015 (#)

So it is generational in your family too. LOL

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