My Love of Books Part Two

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More about my love of books and how my mother loved books before me. The story of my great aunt and how she related to me one day.

Part Two of My Love of Books

My mom loved books. When I was young we would go to the library once a week. She would get a stack of books(8-10) and she would read them all. I remember one time she was reading this history of Queen Katherine the Great of Russia and it was about 2 and 1/2 or 3 inches think. She stayed up all night and had it finished in a day and half. I couldn't do it. Yes, she was the most renowned and the longest ruling female in Russia but it couldn't have been a page turner. History and page turner is like a oxy moron to be sure.

I read everything I could get my hands on about horses. Read Black Beauty when I was about eight or so. Loved Pippy Longstocking books and turned my daughter on to them when she was young. Those books and the witch series Discworld by Terry Pratchett are her favorites to this day.

My great aunt was dying of cancer and my grandmother and several family members went to visit her. I was only about twelve or so then and I went where my mother went. My great aunt invited me in to her bedroom and she was setting in a chair near the window. She asked me to comb her hair and we chatted as I very gently combed her thinning grey hair. At one point she asked if I saw the stack of books over on the table. Yes. She said to go choose one of them if I liked and I went over, looked through the stack of four or five books. I don't remember what the others were but the one that caught my eye was To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I picked it up and she stated to me: "You remember I want it back when you are done." She smiled at me. I thought about it momentarily and wasn't sure how to reply. She was terminal after all and didn't have long to live. This was one of my first experiences with my familie's odd sense of humor.

I started in collecting dieting books in the 70's. Had the Long Beach Diet, Grapefruit Diet, The Body Shape Diet,etc. Had thirty or fourty of them until one day I woke up and thought why in the world was I collecting all of these? I wasn't losing any weight. I did go on to self help books and felt better. They really helped me to realize I needed to fix me, not expect other people to change. I also started reading movie stars biographies. Still have quite a collection of those. The most recent is one by Rachel Welch. Not very telling but it was okay. She talks alot about nutrition and beauty so for those interested in that it is good. But those written by Shelly Winters, Peter Ustinov and David Kniven were much more telling.

Now I must state here that I have a fication with serial killers. Trying to understand their motivation and what makes them do what they do is fascinating to me. This and true crime have become interesting subject matter for me for years. I read John Douglas's Mind Hunter and I was hooked. It was so interesting. He had gone into the prisons and actually interviewed serial killers and developed the profiling technique the F.B.I. uses now.

I am going to leave the romance subject to another part of this series. There are so many.


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author avatar Kingwell
13th Apr 2015 (#)

In my case it was my father who loved books but there was no library where we lived. I read everything available and managed to get a few books. When my father went blind I would read books for him. Blessings.

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
16th Apr 2015 (#)

I remember doing that for my great grandmother. I lived at my grandmother's house who was her care giver and I was often appointed to keep her company while my grandmother went outside to take care of outdoor chores. I read to her quite often from Reader's Digest.

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