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I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.


No doubt this posting will seem very weird to some. But it is intended as an exercise to create our personal signature through sense. In other words if were to express an aroma that would spell out "Carol", or Bob, or Bill, or whomever you are what would it be?

Here is the smell that represents Carol:

The smell of the best of me is my creative juices bubbling over in a pot left on the stove. The aroma permeates the room in a hodge-podge of scent, as my mind generates thoughts, feelings and scenarios I have yet to write.

The smell of the best of me is spicy. My thoughts and insights are never boring. The smell of the best of me is tangy. For I sometimes write with such raw emotion, or speak my truth in such a way that I force my readers to wake up and take notice. Even if I present a scenario that they would much rather forget.

The smell of the best of me resembles salt; pure and simple, yet a staple of life. I write about poverty. I write about people who do not have the basics that are necessary to sustain life. I write about their meager existence.

The smell of the best of me is like pepper. I pack a punch when I write. I do not let the reader forget that poverty should never be considered a "normal healthy way of life."

The smell of the best of me is the smell of garlic, foreign, exotic, warm, inviting, tasty, and pleasing to the palate. Often my writing emphasizes multi-culturalism. My e-zine is devoted to the voices of peoples all over the world, coming together as one through human emotion, feelings, and thoughts; just as the aromas come together in my hodge-podge stew upon my stove.

The best of me

The smell of the best of me is bland like tofu, odourless, and tasteless. But when mixed with other ingredients it takes on the full-bodied flavour of the ingredients and develops an identity, creating a taste to be recognized and respected.

The same holds true for the culture of the underprivileged; the deaf, the blind, the disabled, the elderly, the street gang youth, the people of colour, the homeless, the gay and lesbian community, the religious, or any group under the sun which has been victimized, or ignored in some way. Through my writing, I try to bring these bland smells to life. I celebrate in their existence. I celebrate in their power to come together with the dominant culture, to find their rightful place, their perfect voice, and add to the greatness of their community and humanity at large.

The smell of the best of me is fresh, like the smell of a fresh green pepper that I love so much. It is tangy, inviting, exhilarating, lively, and robust. It is the smell of my writing, my love for life and humanity; my uncomplicated style. This signature of writing says so much in simple terms while attempting a new twist on an old theme.

The smell of the best of me is the smell of an onion, tangy, spicy, pique, bold and daring. For what is writing if it does not jar the senses? What is writing if it does not compel us to reach bigger, deeper, higher levels of writing, higher levels of human awareness, and higher levels of personal enjoyment, achievement and gain?

The smell of the best of me is the smell of meat, the wonderful smell of beef, warm and inviting, somewhat heavy, oftentimes overpowering the other aromas. Like the beef, the smell of my writing, my creative juices, is meant to fill our bellies and fill our souls.

The smell of the best of me is definitely the writer in me, spilling over like my pot of stew with love.

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author avatar Shamarie
10th Apr 2015 (#)

Good work, Carol, I enjoyed reading this!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Apr 2015 (#)

such a fun piece indeed dear Carol...thank you....

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author avatar vellur
10th Apr 2015 (#)

Enjoyed reading, great write.

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author avatar Kingwell
10th Apr 2015 (#)

Good post my friend. That pot of stew makes me hungry! Blessings.

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