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Placing our trust in a higher power will help to build strong faith and this will motivate us to develop our self belief or self confidence......

My Pink Room: Book Review

It is essential that we learn from our life experiences, but allowing ourselves to let go and placing our trust in a higher power can be quite frightening, during difficult periods in our lives. However, finding the necessary time to reflect on dark moments, will help to shed light on confusing and conflicting issues, which we would rather not seek to understand and explore.

Kathleen Gallanar, the author of the book: My Pink Room, takes us on a unique and amazing journey, by her self-reflecting on dark periods of her childhood. Kathleen Gallanar shared various poems all throughout her memoir; these poems are meant to capture a deeper reflection of her life experience.

The book: My Pink Room is a non - fiction book, which is based on a true story of hope, courage and perseverance. The most difficult memories for Kathleen Gallanar are centred on her father’s illness and death; she helps readers to interpret her difficult memories, by using poetry and letters to illustrate the ways in which she dealt with her pain – expressing her emotions in a creative way. Kathleen’s story was so touching and inspirational, her readers might not completely understanding her choices or reactions, but judgement cannot really be made because it’s her unique life experience and not ours; reflection and understanding are the key issues here.

In Kathleen Gallanar's memoir,"My Pink Room", the author told her story in such a emotional way, so direct and personal, the average reader is able to empathize with her story. She took her readers on a memorable journey of great loss. Kathleen searches through the boxes and deals with her painful memories, these memories were suppressed for so long, but must be worked through and be effectively dealt with, her self acceptance allows her to heal and move on.

Kathleen Gallanar dealt with her painful childhood memories by returning to her childhood bedroom; her pink room, she then decided to move on and put her issues to rest-letting go her bad memories, accepting what happened and then feeling free to move on. Through this memoir Kathleen Gallanar was able to share her story, release her pain, while investigating her past, by revisiting her boxes of memories; she shared a heartfelt story and I highly recommend this book to everyone.


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